Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd is top pellet mill manufacture with over 10 years of history. We are dedicated in designing, manufacturing and selling biomass pellet making machines including small home use pellet maker, large industrial pellet mill, small scale pellet plant and complete wood pellet production line. Hundreds of pelletizing projects around the world has proved GEMCO’s strong ability. Buy from GEMCO and enjoy great product quality, reasonable price, first-class after-sales service and free pellet making guidance.

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Biomass pellets and pellet making equipment are promising investment project in 2015. Our operation philosophy is green, energy, machinery, communication and open-mind, which is GEMCO for short. We supply the pellet machinery with the best performance price ratio along with holistic import solutions and customized pelletizing plan.

Flat Die Pellet Mill

Featured with small size and small scale pelletizing production; Ideal choice for home use and farmer.

Ring Die Pellet Mill

Widely applied to medium to large pellet production; Capable of processing various biomass materials.

Pellet Production Line

Complete pellet production line with different capacities; Highly automated pelletizing solutions, high yield.

Latest Orders

Recently, a Mexican citizen bought the fertilizer pellet making machine specifically the KMPM 250 model. He wanted to use the machine to make his organic fertilizer pellets. In addition to buying the machine, he also bought the 5mm pellet die and the rollers. The machine that he bought can make fertilizer pellets from different raw materials. The Mexican citizen who bought the machine was going to pelletize shrimp meal, meat, chicken manure, bat guano and meat bone as his raw materials. You can also use other types of meat products to make organic fertilizer.

Pellet Machine Inspection Details

The following are some photos token durying the goods inspection.

fertilizer pellet making machine for processing chicken manure

Before shipping the fertilizer pellet making machine to Mexico, it underwent inspection. His package included; ring die fertilizer pellet mill, ring die, electric cabinet and the press roller.

chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine for small to medium industrial production
Electric Cabinet, Ring Die and Roller Set

Buy The Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine to Make the Organic Fertilizer

The cost of the machine is $6000. However, the cost is not fixed as other requirements may affect the final price of the product. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in fertilizer pellet manufacturing and need more details of our equipment.

fertilizer pellet making machine manufacturer
Our Pellet Machine Factory - ABC Machinery

You are advised to consult the professionals if you are going to buy the pellet making machine. They will help you understand the different types of raw materials that you can use. Keep in mind that there are different types of machines that you can use and they all make different kinds of pellets. That is why you need to be equipped with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

About Fertilizer Pellets

making chicken manure fertilizer pellets - small to medium fertilizer production
Pelletized Fertilizer

The organic fertilizer pellets are made from the livestock manure or poultry dung such as chicken manure. They are beneficial because they help to improve both the physical and the chemical condition of the soil. The livestock manure has moisture which can be a challenge. That is the reason why you need the fertilizer pellet making machine to convert the manure into pellets. It will help to control the moisture content of the fertilizer. The pellets will help to retain their form during packaging.

Pelletizing Solutions


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Wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, alfalfa, straw, rice hulls, palm fiber, crop stalks, peanut shell, dry grass, waste paper, bagasse…
are all suitable biomass materials for making fuel pellets. With wood pellet mill, most kinds of biomass wastes can be made into biofuel pellets.

GEMCO supplies much more than pellet machines. We provide pelletizing solutions!
Want to make your own wood pellets? Act right now and see how amazing pellet making machine is!

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