Biomass Resources and Biomass Classification

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Biomass resources include natural biomass, residual biomass and energy crops.

biomass for processing fuel pellets

  • Natural Biomass: get directly from the ecosystems.
  • Residual Biomass: produced from the process of different industry production.
  • Energy Crops: refer to crops plant for energy purpose of producing biomass.

Among these three sources, the most widely used ones are energy crops and residual biomass.

Materials Suitable for Pellets Making Production

A wide rang of biomass materials can be processed into pellets for burning and fertilizer purpose. If you are interested in start making your own pellets but don't know if your raw materials are suitable and wonder what kind of equipment to choose, don't hesitate to contact us! We can help you step by step!

samples of wood pellets

Biomass Classification

Woody biomass such as trees, shrubs and bushes;
Herbaceous biomass such as non-woody plant, grains and cereals;
Fruit biomass such as palm shell and coconut shell;
Mixed biomass;

Spruce Wood Pineapple Peel Grass Powder
Turfgrass Powder Bamboo Canola Straw
Chicken Litter Fresh Grass Soybean Stover
Maize Sraw Moso bamboo pellet Paper Dust
Peanut Husk Grain, such as maize Pine Sawdust
Sawdust Rice Bran Rice Husk
The above materials are included, but not limited to.

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

Biomass Advantages

  • Sufficient biomass resources, affordable price and eco-friendly characteristic make biomass fuel over fossil fuels. And these factors also motivate the development of biomass fuel market. The amount of residual biomass which is produced from logging or other industries is huge. Making biomass fuel from these waste residues is a win-win choice. Besides, biomass-to-energy facilities such as pelletizing mill and briquette extruder also promote the industrialization of biomass production.
  • Use fallow lands to plant energy crops can bring incomes and benefits the water retention of soil at the same time.
  • Promote biomass in energy production can reduce pollution emissions such as CO. HC and NO and better protect the environment and contribute to maintaining the photochemistry of the atmosphere.
  • Using agricultural biomass as biomass energy instead of burning or burying can not only reduce the risks of forest fires but also can reduce insect plagues. Besides, the exploitation of agricultural wastes can is also a new and promising market.
  • Alleviating the greenhouse effect is another important reason to promote biomass energy. Using biomass energy can greatly reduce the emission of CO2.
  • Promoting biofuels can make up the lacking of oil resources and reduces dependence on foreign oil.
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