1.5TPH Bio Pellet Production Line in Domestic

Project Name: Bio Pellet Production Line
Plant Location: China
Raw Material: Wood Processing Plant Residues
Production Output: 1.5 ton per hour

This production line was designed and built for one of our client in China. The capacity is 1.5 ton/hour.

Photos of the Finished Bio Pellet Production Line

View the factory inside photos below to see some details of the equipment and plant layout. Welcome contact us to get the cost details of bio pellet production line, if you are planning to start your own pellet plant. (Related Article: How to Set Up A 500kg ~1ton per hour Small Wood Pellet Plant)

crushing process of the bio pellet production plant
Crushing Machine

bio pellet production plant layout design and project cost
Drying, Pelletizing, Cooling and Bagging Machine

bio pellet making machine for large industrial production line
Biomass Pellet Making Machine (Ring Die Type)

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Is Pellets Cooling Necessary for Bio Pellet Production Line?

Several factors affect the quality of pellets. Customers are likely to look at the surface smoothness, water resistance, powder ration, and the hardness of the pellets among other things. Differences in these factors is brought about by the cooling effect and the specifications of the machine, the materials used to make these pellets, and the moisture content.  (Related Product: Acacia Wood Pellet Machine for Sale)

It is crucial to understand that pellets come from a the manufacturing machine at temperatures above 75 degrees and a moisture content of around 15%. These pellets at this condition lack firmness and thus, can easily break. Therefore, it is necessary to cool these pellets to the room temperatures and a moisture content that is below 10% to harden them.

biofuel pellets after cooling
Biomass Pellets after Cooling

There are cooling equipment for pellet production line that enhance a rapid decrease in temperature and moisture levels. These methods differ based on direction of flow of the pellets and air. They include downstream and counter flow approaches. The method utilized by each machine may affect the quality of the pellets produced by the biomass pellet production plant.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

  • The counter flow approach involves the pellets produced by the machine flowing against a cool stream of air. As the hot pellets flow from the machine, they meet dry and cool air that absorb the heat and carry along the excess moisture. A fan is used to discharge the now warm and moist air. The resultant pellets have a smooth surface, are water resistant, and have less powder.
  • The other method used is the downstream cooling. In this approach, both the hot and moist pellets flow towards the same direction with a cool stream of air. The method is less effective because the produced pellets have a rough surface, a lot of powder, and are less resistant to destruction by water or moisture. From this description, it is evident that the counter cooling machine is a better method than the downstream approach.
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