2018 ChinaFeedOnline Conference Finished Successfully!

ABC Machinery participated in this 17th CFO China Fishmeal / Animal Protein / Vegetable Protain three-in-one seminars to promote our advanced feed processing machines.

Fish Feed Processing Project: 40 ton/h Fish Feed Processing Plant

2018 ChinaFeedOnline Conference (CFO) had finished successfully in Shanghai, China (11-12 Sept, 2018). CFO is not only a leader in offering  trade service of animal, marine, vegetable protain and oil products, but also a famous web platform of China Feed Market. It is established in the year of 2000, aimed to providing the latest information of China Feed Market.

  • Marine Industry - Fishmeal processing, fish oil extraction & refinery
  • Animal Feed Industry - Fish feed, livestock and poultry feed production

2018 china feed online conference
17th ChinaFeedOnline Conference

CFO Conference 2018 for fishmeal processing and animal feed production
CFO Conference Photo Display

We have gained a lot of orders in this exhibition. And more important, we have learned more about customer needs. Besides, in the process of communicating with customers, we find that many customers have some misconceptions about the application of fish meal in feed production.

The followings are some facts you might not know about the application of fish meal. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any other questions about processing fish feed!


Utilization of Fishmeal in Animal Feed Production

Fishmeal is one of the expensive feedstock in aquafeeds, and it is also the feedstock most affected by market price fluctuations. Here are some technical measures to cope with the fluctuation of fishmeal supply and market price.

animal feed formula - rice bran, expelled oil cake, oil meal, fishmeal

  • Improve Your Technical Plan

Establish a technical plan to maintain a stable proportion of the “animal protein raw material” formula in the feed formula, such as fishmeal, meat powder (pork powder, chicken powder, beef powder, etc) and blood globulin powder, to maintain the quality of the feed product. Meanwhile, adjust the fishmeal in real time according to different conditions such as fishmeal price factor and breeding season factor. When the price of fishmeal is too high, reduces the proportion of fishmeal.

  • In-depth and systematic study of the nutritional characteristics of fishmeal for aquaculture animals. 

Choose other alternative raw materials such as fish cream, surimi, fish magma, fish pastes and other products to provide special nutrients in fishmeal, and effectively reduce the use of fishmeal.

There are two technical problems that we must answer clearly:

  • Compared with animal protein materials such as pork powder and chicken powder, what is the nutritional specificity of fishmeal?

Why does fishmeal have a good breeding effect in aquafeeds and shows Indispensable or irreplaceable in the quality of feed products?

  • What is the difference in quality of different fishmeal?

Why do different fishmeal have different market prices and different breeding effects? From the price point of view, the price of white fish meal is the highest, followed by super steam fish meal, and the price of direct fire fish meal is lower. White fish meal is basically a fish meal processed by Pollock、Cod、Hake、Hokki, etc., which removes most of the muscles. The essence is fish raft powder, which has a high ash content. Why can white fish meal be the best fishmeal with highest price and most quality?

Fishmeal Vs. Other Animal Protein

fish meal or animal protein for manufacturing feed pellets
Choose fis meal or animal protein powder?

In terms of nutritional value, there is no significant superiority in protein content, oil content, etc. However, it has certain advantages in amino acid composition and balance, fatty acid composition and balance, trace element composition and balance, etc. This superiority is not quantitative, but in terms of the balance of micronutrients. The balance of such micronutrients help to promote feed efficiency, fish health, growth rate, and stress resistance.

In terms of digestibility, the difference between fishmeal and pork powder and chicken powder is not significant, and it does not have obvious advantages.

In terms of the types and contents of special nutrients, the micronutrients in fishmeal such as free amino acids, taurine, trimethylamine oxide, thiophene dimethylpropionate, EPA, DHA are much higher than other animal powders.

What is the difference in quality of different fishmeal?

White fish meal is processed by cold water fish. Its protein content is about 60%, which is lower than the general fishmeal protein content (63%-68%), while the ash content is more than 20%. In terms of nutritional quality, white fish meal is not as good as steam fish meal. Why can white fishmeal be used in large proportions in catfish and turtle feed? It is not a question of nutritional quality, digestible quality and special nutrients, but a question of safety and quality.  White fish meal is produced from fish chops. Because of the quality of the squid meat, the squid is fresh and fresh after harvesting. The freshness and safety of the squid is very good. This is the main The advantages.

white fishmeal for feed processing industry
White Fishmeal

Why is the quality of steam fishmeal superior to that of direct-fired fishmeal?

If the raw fish is the same, the main difference is in the way of drying and temperature, which results in a large difference in the digestible quality and safety quality. Therefore, the fishmeal product The production process and production process have a great impact on the digestible quality and safety quality of fishmeal products.

What is the difference in quality between seawater fishmeal and freshwater fishmeal?

There is little difference in nutrient quality and digestible quality, but seawater fishmeal do have high levels of special nutrients, such as taurine, EPA, DHA, and oxidized Amine, thiophene dimethylpropionate, etc.  While in terms of safety and quality, freshwater fish are better than sea fish.

Not all fishmeal is a good choice of animal protein in animal feed production. Not all fishmeal has better breeding effect than terrestrial animal protein materials such as pork powder and chicken powder. There are also significant quality differences between different fishmeal products, not all fishmeal is good.

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