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dry grassToday, there is a great increase in the need for an alternative heating fuel. Many people have embraced the use of solar energy since is it’s somehow free. However, with a pellet making machine, one can think of making his/her own energy resource from naturally available materials. This article will therefore begin by listing the different raw materials that can be used to make biomass pellets for energy production.

Commonly Used Raw Materials for Pellet Production

Pellets can be made from a variety of readily available material. These materials are mainly plant materials that are mostly discarded as waste since they cannot form the food part or even feeds. It is also good to mention that these materials are selected from high quality products for the best results to be seen. This therefore implies that not all plant materials can be used to make biomass pellets. The following is a listing of several raw materials for making pellets.

Wheat stalks, weed tree, Straw, rice straw, rice bran powder, peanut shells, pine wood residues, floor powder, corn residues, Bamboo powder, Bamboo waste, Alfalfa, Hemp fiber, waste paper, Sunflower grass, Switch grass, among other good pelleting making materials.

Grass pellets have been proven to be one of the hot sale fuel pellets. Compared to other traditional fuel resources, grass pellets production is generally cheap as well as very environmental friendly. The pellet making machine is not hazardous to the environment and thus it is seen as the best way to curb the current global warming problems as well as controlling the general climatic change.

Grass Pellets Production Process

How to make grass pellets? This is a six steps procedure of pellet production plant that is followed to make awesome and very high quality pellets with exceptionally good output. The process involves the use of pellet making machine that take the following production stages.

making grass pellets

  • The first stage involves collecting the mowed grass. It is after collecting the materials that one is supposed to lay them in the sun for drying, while laying them in a thin layer after which pilling is done.
  • The second step is starting the pellet making mill and preheating it for some minutes. This is done to ensure that ones the grass is put inside the machine, the little left moisture is dried. It is also done to melt the lignin part of the grass to allow for gluing which makes the resulting pellets to come together.
  • Thirdly, a container is put under the chute of pellet making mill.This container serves as a collecting pit for the resultant pellets.
  • The fourth step involves adjusting of the moisture content depending on the finished pellets. This process involves accessing the ready pellets where by, if the pellets are crumbly, then the implication is that the pellets are very dry and thus the grass should be mixed with some water. Mushy pellets thus imply that the pellets have high moisture content and so the grass has to be dried longer in the sun.
  • The fifth step is to cool the cool the pellets in the air before storing. This step prepares them for burning and thus one can comfortably use them as fuel.
  • The last step is generally collecting the unspent pellets and parking them in bags for future use.

Following the above steps, high quality pellets will be generated. These pellets can be applied in many fields such as cooking, heating among other areas.

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