7 Steps of Fuel Pellets Production Process

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The making of the pellets undergoes the following steps.

2-4ton wood pellet production process

2-4 Tons Pellet Production Process

How to Make Pellets Step by Step?

Step 1: chipping of the woods using the drum chipper
This entails processing of the used to ensure they have required sizes that is considered to be less than 6mm.
Step 2: Screening
You should screen the raw materials to ensure they have no impurities such as metals, stones, and other impurities.
Step 3: Drying of the raw materials 
You should dry the raw materials using the drum dryer when you have a standard wood pellet plant. This is essential in ensuring the raw materials have the required moisture content for the working of the pellet mill.
Step 4: Pelletizing
You will then be expected to force the pellets with the required moisture content and the proper size through the die hole of the pellet mills with great pressure. The high pressure is essential in extruding hot and softer pellets.
Step 5: Cooling 
You should cool the hot pellets to ensure that they get hardened and strengthened using air cooling.
Step 6: Packaging 
The hardened and strengthened pellets can then be packaged for protection and to ensure convenience during distribution.
Step 7: Storage and distribution
You should store the pellets in dry conditions in silos, containers or tanks. You can easily distribute the packaged pellets in bulk using trucks and other vehicles.

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