Broiler Feed Production Process Design and Factory Layout

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Plan to start your broiler feed manufacturing business? Here is an article about broiler feed production process design, factory layout and production cost.Also some chicken feed processing project report for your reference.

Poor feed quality is a growing concern for most poultry farmers. It leads to slow growth, poor meat and egg production, weak chickens that are prone to diseases, death, and ultimately huge losses. As a farmer, starting your own broiler feed production is an effective way of being self-sufficient, reducing your production costs, and maintaining the chicken feed quality that ensures your chicken get all the nutrients needed to produce quality meat and eggs. (Related Machinery: Equipment for Mini Poultry Feed Mill >>)

Tips for Starting Your Broiler Feed Production Business

broiler chicken feed machine for small production line
Small Broiler Chicken Feed Manufacturing Unit for Sale

To start your broiler feed production process, you need to know the necessary ingredients required for a broiler feed and the mineral composition of those ingredients. The necessary ingredients for chicken feeds can include a mixture of cereal grains, protein meals, fats and oils, minerals and vitamins. Farmers who grow corn, maize, or wheat in their farms, have an extra advantage because they can avoid Genetically Modified Versions of some of the grains that are available in the market.

It is important for you to consider the age, species, production level and the costs of ingredients before making the feeds. Feeds should have a high nutrition level, and palatable for the chicken to take voluntarily. The presence of aflatoxins and indigestible nutrients can affect chickens negatively.

Broilers have different feeding requirements during different feeding stages compared to other poultry chickens. When broilers are young, their feeds need to be high in protein for the development of feathers, muscles, and bones. As they grow older, their protein requirement reduces and their energy requirement increases.

Therefore, it is important in knowing what nutrients your chickens need at their various stages of development and their feeding rations to improve their productivity. Broiler feeds must have about 22%~24% of Digestible Crude Protein in their diet. Young and finisher broilers require about 67g of feed daily.


Broiler Feed Production Process Design

There are various feed production processes that manufacturers use. They include cold processing, hot processing, popping, pelletization, and extrusion processing. Of the processes, feed extrusion processing is the most advanced to increase productivity.

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It involves first passing the ingredients of your feed through three steps. First through the steam conditioning, high-temperature cooking, and finally through high pressure extruding. These processes break starch and proteins into monosaccharides and peptides that are easy for the birds to digest and absorb nutrients through hydrolysis.

Why Feed Your Broilers with Extruded Pellets?

Broilers fed with extruded pellets gain weight faster than those which feed on mash and also have improved digestibility of amino acids. Extruded feeds have gelatinized starch that are durable and amino acids that are have been denatured to increase digestibility and feed conversion. Using this process is the best for processing the feeds for your broilers. (Recent News: Poultry Feed Mill Equipment for 5 ton/h feed production)

Balance Between Macronutrients and Micronutrients in Broiler Feed Production

But how do you strike a balance between macronutrients and micronutrients in your broiler feed? Farmers use the Pearson Square Method to get the theoretical considerations that your feeds need to have to be nutritionally valuable to your broilers. You can set aside a group of broilers for trial purposes. This is better than going all in on your flock without knowing how the broilers will respond to your recipe. If you like the results, you can choose to start a broiler feed making business.

Choose Suitable Broiler Feed Making Machine

You will need a commercial, heavy-duty milling machine to mill the grains, and a plant to process the broiler feeds in bulk. You will also need a storage facility for the bags of grains and a storage for the broiler feeds. You should also think about transportation costs, permits, and getting the necessary regulation approved for your business and your products. (You maybe also interested in organic fertilizer pellet machine machine for processing chicken manure >> )

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