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The STLP series feed mill machinery is a mini cattle feed plant that manufactures around 600~1000kg/h animal feed pellets. This mini feed plant can be used to make feed pellets for both cattle and poultry, including chicken, goats, pigs, goats and other livestock or domesticated animals.

low cost mini cattle feed plant for sale
Factory Price Mini Cattle & Poultry Feed Plant for Sale

Feed Production Output: 600~1000kg/h

Application: Start local business or built small factory of cattle feed or poultry feed manufacturing.

Equipment Cost: The cost of this set of cattle feed pellet mill is $10,000~$25,000. (To offer the best project plan, we customize the feed pellet plant according to each clients' situation and requirments. So just get in touch with us and tell us your main feedstuff material, capacity needs, requirements on final cattle feed products, then we can offer the detailed equipment quotation with exact price list.)

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Setup A Mini Cattle Feed Plant with Low Cost

Now let's talk about the cattle feed plant layout design and equipment included. The main components of this mini feed plant include a small feed mixer, a small hammer mill, storage silo, screw conveyor belt, small cattle feed pellet mill, pellet cooler and pellet packing machines. However, all these machines are not a must when designing your own cattle feed manufacturing plant. The machines are optional and depend with your needs and requirements. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are willing to get a detailed feed production business plan or quotation of this mini cattle feed mill plant!

mini cattle feed manufacturing process
Mini Cattle Feed Pellets Manufacturing Process

  1. Crushing Process: The cattle feed manufacturing process begins at the hammer miller crusher. The oil cake and other hard or heavy fodder materials are first put inside the feed grinder or grain crusher. This ensures the materials are in crusher into small sizes, which are easy to mix with other materials. Maize and other straight feed ground materials, for example, wheat, bone meal, vitamin, microelement and so on do not get into the feed grinder.
  2. Mixing Process: They expressly sustain themselves into the level blending machine through the channel of feed grinding machine. All powder are then mixed consistently in Horizontal Mixing Machine.
  3. Pellets Making Process: The mixed fodder materials are then discharged into the hopper of the screw conveyor and discharged to the temporary storage silo. With the help of the screw feeder, the mixed materials are then feed into the cattle feed making machine (feed pellet mill) which finally produces the feed pellets (which is the final product). Lately one of our India client bought 50 sets of gemco chicken feed pellet mills, click to see more about this order.
  4. Feed Pellets Cooling Process: The cattle feed pellets can either be stored on open air or be directed to the cooling machine to allow it to cool. Having cooled down to a temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius or to room temperature, the feed pellets are now ready for packaging and stored. 

Project: 1~2 tons per hour Animal Feed Production Business Plan for your reference!

Main Machines in the Mini Cattle Feed Plant

The following are the main machines which are included in this mini cattle feed plant:

  • Hammer Mill

This machine can be used to crush a wide range of hard raw materials such as soya beans, stalk, straw, drylfresh grass, alfalfa and so on. With this machine, you can crush these raw materials to a diameter of 3-5mm, which is best suited for the presiding mixing and pelleting process.

  • Feed Mixer

Both the vertical and horizontal mixing machines are perfect for mixing the animal feed raw materials. These mixers ensure a satisfactory job is done and guarantees high quality pellets are manufactured. The advantage of using such mixers is that they occupy very limited space and consume low electricity. Therefore, they are perfect for the mini and small sized feed making factory.

  • Small Cattle Feed Pellet Mill

STLP small cattle feed plant adopts ZLSP300/400 feed pellet mill. This pellet mill is broadly utilized in small scale and medium scale feed pellet creation for plants, domesticated animals, poultry, angle ranches and furthermore for people. In addition, the 3 rollers configuration significantly enhances the working productivity of cattle feed pellet production. Furthermore, all parts of small feed pellet mill are produced using excellent materials to maximize its lifespan.  Here is a unit of goat feed making machine for 2 ton per hour production and 5 ton/h mini cattle feed plant project report. Read about the details if you are interested.

  • Feed Pellet Cooler

The single purpose of the LQS series cooler is to cool the fresh, hot produced pellets to a temperature that it can be stored and packaged.

  • Packaging Machine

This is a great machine to include in this mini feed processing plant, especially if it's for commercial purposes. In addition, the packing machine also allows its user to choose the bag capacity he or she desires to use.

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