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Pellet mill is a kind of machine that is used for producing pellets from powdered biomass material. It is also known as pellet press. It works very effectively and you can always rely on for the production of very fine pellets. To produce the small substances, it works by putting together smaller particles into larger and homogenous mass. It therefore implies that it doesn’t break the large materials into smaller substances.

Where can you use the pellet mills?

There are wide applications of the pellet mills. The application can be based on large scale or small scale, hence there are a wide of uses you can always carry out with the pellet mill. For example, you can always mix the dry powdered feedstock like grass, sawdust and flour using the animal feed pellets. This type of pellet mill can also be used to mix some wet animal ingredients like steam and molasses. You can create a more polymerized feedstock when the pellet mill is heated under higher pressure.

The other application of the pellet mill is for infrared spectroscopy. This is the production of potassium bromide pellets that are used in the infrared spectroscopy. These are some of the key areas that you can always employ the pellet mills and you will achieve the ultimate results. Depending on the type of production you are carrying out, you will always find it very perfect. There are two types of pellet mills. These include the:

Small Scale Pellet Press

small scale pellet press

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This is one type of the pelletizing equipment  that you can always employ in various applications. The small scale pellets making machines are always the variations of hydraulic presses or the screw presses. The pellet press machine is able to hold the uncompressed powder in its shaped pocket as it has a mold that is responsible for this kind of function. The mold is also known as pellet die. The small type pellet presses also employ the same basic technique as the large pellets machine. The shape of the pellets produced is always determined by the pocket shape. Lastly, the powder is compressed at the end of the screw that is the platen or the ram in screw press or hydraulic press respectively. You can always enhance the pellet structure by speeding up the time of the platens. For the cooling purpose, you can always use water ports.

Large Scale Pellet Machines

large scale pellet machine

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This is the second type of pelleting equipment  that are mainly used to produce fuel pellets, wood pellets and animal feeds. There are two different types which are the ring die mills and flat die mills. The ring die pellet mill has a various radial slot all over the die. It works by distributing the powder once it is fed into the die. It has two rollers that are responsible for compressing the powder through the holes. Finally, the pellets are cut free from the outside of the die by the use of the two cutters. The flat die pellet machine has slots through which the powder is introduced into the mill, then the roller presses the powder via the holes in the die. It also has a cutter to expose the pellets free. These are the two basic types of pellet mills that you can always rely on for various operations. They work effectively depending on the intended function.

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