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Wood Pellet Production Line, Biomass Pellet Plant Supply complete wood pellet production line including crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing. Customized biomass pellet plant.


GEMCO is the top-selling pellet equipment manufacturer.
We have hundreds of wood pellet production line projects all over the world.
Offer on-site installation and debugging.
Provide technical training about the pellet plant.
Possess 10 patents including three cylinder dryer, smart cooling system…
The productivity can reach up to 150,000t per year.
With PLC intelligent control system, the pellet production becomes smarter and more reliable!

Large Ring Die Pellet Machine for Sale

Generally, a complete wood pellet line includes processes of crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing / bagging. It can be divided into three main processing systems:

01 Crushing System
To protect the health of operators and offer them a comfortable working environment, the crushing system is designed with dust collector device. We adopt bag dust collector and water film dust collector in pellet line.
02 Drying System
Drying system is an important factor that impacts the quality of final wood pellets. Drum drier is suggested for large pellet production. Our drum drier is designed to be fire proofing and has the function of moisture checking.
03 Customized Pelletizing Plan
Biomass pellet plant is actually a project that includes various equipments. It is not a simple product. To build a pellet line, it is more than selecting and paying. It should be customized depending on the raw material along with the situation and requirement of each client. This picture is a pelletizing plan made for one of our customer. It is designed with a water cycle pool to collect the dust in operation as required.
Technical Support
(Design Pelletizing Plan)

Offer customized solution according to the actual situation and needs of customers including production line process, related equipment, types and specifications of the equipment, cost control and so on.

Sale Tracking

During the sale, specifying staff will tracking the whole production process of your pellet plant. Try to shorten the production cycle as far as possible and ensure the quality at the same time.We will make every effort to get your satisfaction.


Appoint professional staff for installing and debugging on spot until production normally. Help training the operators until they can control the wood pellet production line and master the basic machinery maintenance skills.

Related Equipments

Wood Chipper

Turn raw materials from big size into small chips.(Thickness<3mm and length 10-30 mm)

Hammer Mill

Crush the raw material chips into powder.(Size<3mm)


Dry the moisture percentage of the powder material to 12% to 18%.

Pellet Mill

Make the well prepared biomass material powder into density, smooth biomass pellets. The diameter of final pellets is adjustable. There are flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Choose the right one depending on your needs.


The pellets will get high temperature during the pelletizing process. They are hot and easy to loosen. This equipment will help cool the finished wood pellets and make them smooth and solid.)


Weigh and pack the wood pellets automatically. Then they are ready for sale.

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