1 ton/h Cattle Feed Processing Plant

Project Name: Small Cattle Feed Processing Plant
Plant Capacity: 1 ton per hour
Factory Location: Kuwait
Application: This feed processing project is designed for small to medium scale livestock farm or stock yard to process cattle feed and sheep feed.
Similar Project: 2 tons per hour Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

Photo Display of the Small Feed Processing Plant

This small to medium scale cattle feed processing plant is built for one of our client in Kuwait. It is designed and constructed for processing feed products for ruminants such as cattle and sheep. Some of the pictures taken at the construction site are listed below for your reference. Send an inquiry now to get detailed equipment and price list of this small feed mill plant.

cattle feed processing plant for producing pelletized feed products
Small Production Plant for Processing Cattle Feed Pellets
flat die cattle feed processing machine for making animal feed pellets
Feed Pelletizing and Cooling Machine
cattle feed mixing equipment for small cattle feed milling company
Details of the Feed Mixing Equipment

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Types of Cattle Feed Processing Machine

Cattle feed processing machines exist in many different types with the sole purpose of creating pellets from powder, which allow animals to be more efficiently fed. There are generally two types of feed processing machine for making feed pellets:  the flat die feed pellet mill and ring die feed pellet mill.

small feed pellet plant with flat die feed pellets making machine
This Smal Feed Plant Adopts Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill

While the flat die mills are relatively economical, the ring die mills save energy, making them more efficient. Large-scale production of feed pellet is done using ring die pellet mills while small-scale production utilizes flat die pellet mills.The cattle feed mill machine is differ in sizes based on your needs. It is always integrated with crushing machine , mixing machine and pellets cooling equipment in complete feed processing line.

make complete feed pellets for cattle, cow, sheep and goat
Make Complete Feed Pellets

The powder which is used to create the feed pellets can come from many different sources. Different animals will, of course, require a different quality of feed, but the powder can be made from wheat, straw, corn or simply grass among other ingredients. You can also add many diverse leftover materials to make up your feedstuff.

Benifits of Pelletized Feed

Pelletized feed has many benefits over and mashed feed. Feed pellets allow for better control of how many nutrients are available to the cattle. Tailoring this to the exact requirements of the livestock will naturally lead to increases in the profitability of the enterprise, and not only through the reduction of waste feed. Feed pellets are also an easier and more efficient way for the cattle to consume their nutrients. It is far simpler to move pellets around and store them, as they will take up less space than less nutritionally dense feeds. (Other Feed Processing Project: 2 Ton/hour Animal Feed Production Line Set Up in Uganda)

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