1 TPH Biomass Pellet Plant for Wood Shavings in Thailand

Project Name: Small Sized Biomass Pellet Plant
Factory Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Production Output: 1 ton per hour
Biofuel Material: Wood Shavings
Main Equipment: BPM 420 ring die pellet mill, cooling machine, sieving machine, conveyors, etc.

This small scale biomass pellet plant was built for making biofuel pellets from wood shavings. It is ordered by one of our client in Bangkok of Thailand. This pellet mill project for processing wood shavings is all customized, based on both the requirement of our client and our on-site investigation result. (Solutions for 1~2 ton/h pellet plant >>)

small sized biomass pellet plant observation room
Observation Room of the Pellet Plant
pellet plant for manufacturing biofuel pellets from biomass wastes
Eqiupments included in the Small Pellet Production Plant
pellets making facility details of the whole plant
Ring Die Biomass Pellet Mill Details
manufactured biomass pellets after cooling process
Produced Biomass Pellets

As his first biomass pellet manufacturing factory, he wanted to buy the equipment from an experienced biomass pellet plant manufacturer which have many successful projects and also cost-effective in price. ABC Machinery was his final choice after compering between multiple manufacturers around the world. He was planning to buy other auxiliary equipment from us to increase production capacity and automation degree after the successful trial running of this complete pellet plant

Biomass Pellet Plant Working Video

Wood pellet production is a promising project in the world market and we believe that the business of our client will be prosperous and we are ready to serve him again in the near future.

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World Market of Biomass Fuel

BMF shorted from Biomass fuel is a kind of new environmental friendly fuel. The raw materials are agricultural waste (like straw, saw dust, sugarcane waste and rice chaff, etc), which are crushed, dried and extruded to pellets, briquettes or blocks and burn in all kinds of biomass burner and biomass boiler.

equipment for making pellets from wood shavings
Making Bio-fuel Pellets from Wood Shavings

Biomass pellet fuel was studied from Europe, people gradually paid their attention to BMF with the development of this industry. Molding fuel production equipment is basically localization in China, and its main technical guideline has reached the national standard level. Because the limited life of fossil fuel (petroleum and coal), biomass energy as the new energy is an inevitable choice at the end of fossil fuel time.

Why Making Biomass Fuel Pellets?

Biomass fuel -- environmental friendly fuel, as a new energy has used a lot in many industries. Because of the high density, high calorific value, regular shape and good fluidity, it is convenient to realize burning automatically. Through specialized burning equipment can promote industrial boiler, especially the boiler which uses biomass fuel instead of fuel oil (gas) can save a large number of energy cost. (Our Project: 2 tons per hour Biofuel Pellet Line Constructed in Australia )

What Kind of Raw Material Can Be Pelletized?

Practically pellet plant can process forestry ,agricultural ,industrial waste things like wood dust ,cornstalk, cotton stalk, reed , rice husk, stalk, wood shavings ,bamboo sawdust , rubbish, plastic, sugarcane , bark , wood , tree branch , slush and so on . (Related Post: What materials can be processed by GEMCO Pellet Mill? )

Only if it is waste things and it can be burned and can make great profits in sales, can we collect it and make it pellet in business. For example ,slush and rubbish become a great pollution problem in city , which we can collect those wastes and pick them up and dry them ,putting some additive to promote calorific value ,decreasing harmful things . It can realize a win-win result for the company, government, city and the environment. Different raw materials have different characters so the pellets can also have the different characters. We have talked about The 8 Basic Processes of Wood Pellet Plant, so we won't repeat it here. Before you build your pellet making factory, you should clear the calorific value, size, ash content and the content of sulphur, chlorine and nitrogen of the pellet made of your raw material. Finally, you should analyse the market demand, price and profit.

As a branded biomass pellet plant manufacturer in China, you can trust us and tell us your needs and cost budget, and our Engineering Design Team can help you make the best project plan! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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