1TPH Wood Pellet Machine Line in UK

Project Name: Wood Pellet Machine Line
Factory Location: Cornwall, UK
Raw Materials: Wood working factory by-product, along with some grass wastes.
Production Process: Wood crushing→drying→pelletizing→pellets cooling→packaging→wood pellets in bag

The following photos are about the 1 ton per hour wood pellet line designed and constructed for one of our client in UK. For detailed equipment list, project cost, factory layout design or other information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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wood pellet machine line established in UK
Full View of the Pellet Line

grass and wood wastes for the pelletizing line
Wood Wastes (left), Grass Wastes (right)

wood crushing machine in the pellet line
Crushing Machine

drying machine included in the pelletizing factory
Drying Machine with Pellets Burner

ring die wood pellet machine in the production line
Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

wood pellets cooling and packaging machine
Wood Pellets Cooling and Packaging Machine

manufactured wood pellets
Make High Quality Wood Pellets

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Tips for Wood Pellet Machine Line Construction

Make a business plan for complete pellet line need not be a nightmare for you. If you are considering making a perfect project plan, we are here to advise and show you a step by step process that will significantly help you know everything about pellet line construction. Follow these steps for a flawless working pellet plant. (Related Ariticle: How to Start a Wood Pellet Line?)

Suitable Material

Before even taking the first step into starting your pellet line, decide on the type of raw materials you are planning to use.

various biomass materials for pelletizing production

Suitable materials to work with include: Agro-waste, grass, leaves, sawdust, peanut and rice husks, wood chips, sugarcane bagasse, sunflower seed shells among other wood or biomass materials.

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Know the Best Type of Crushing System to Handle

Wood Hammer crusher mill, Multi-functional Hammer mill, and wood chipper shredder machine are the three most essential machines when it comes to pellet production. The mechanism used by these three milling machines favors the perfect manufacture of biomass pellets and wood pellets making them a success.

Know How Best to Dry Your Pellets

Pellets need to be dry to function efficiently. Thus to know how best to dry your pellets of choice, understand the different ways you can achieve this.

  • Dryer systems: This is best ideal if you are working with specific varieties of wood. Various kinds of wood require different degrees of heat to dry entirely.
  • Rotary drying: If the raw material you are working with has got a moisture level of approximately 40%, this is the best choice to use.
  • Sun-drying: For a more cost-efficient process, sun drying will aid in drying raw materials with moisture levels accumulating to about 15%.

Determine the Production Capacity

Before contacting different suppliers in the market, decide on the number of pellets you intend to produce on a daily, monthly or yearly period. This will help you minimize the risk and budget plan.

Carefully Select the Best Ring Die for Production

There are different pellet sizes involved in this process. For uniformity and faster production, select different gauges of ring sizes so that you can process many pellets diameters. (Related Product: Ring Die Pellet Machine for Sale)

best ring die pellet machine
Details of the Ring Die

Why is It Important to Know the Diameter Ring?

Different raw materials are compressed under different ring diameters to function excellently. I.e., wood pellets with a diameter of between 6mm -8mm burn faster as compared to biomass pellets with over 15mm in diameter.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Decide on the Weighing and Packaging Process

A perfect packaging machine will minimize the amount of time required to pack your pellets. Hopper weighing packing machine combines speed, accuracy, and multi-functionalities to give you the best service in this field.

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