2 ton/h Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

Project Name:  Cattle Feed Pellet Plant
Plant Capacity: 2 ton per hour
Application: Making feed pellets for various livestock animals such as cattle, cow, sheep, goat, horse, etc.

Cattle Feed Pellet Plant Photo Display

Planning to start your own business of making cattle feed pellets? Look at this 2 TPH cattle feed processing project and see if this is what you want? It adopts flat die type pellet press which is widely applied to commercial livestock feed production. You are also welcome to get in touch with us for more details including equipment list and project cost.

small cattle feed pellet plant for sale at factory price
Whole View of Cattle Feed Plant
mixing and pelletizing equipment of the cattle feed pellet plant
Feed Mixing and Pelletizing Equipment
cooling machine of the cattle feed pellets manufacturing plant
Feed Pellets Cooling and Packaging Equipment
cattle feed pellets bagging / packing machine
Animal Feed Pellets Packaging Machine

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4 Classifications of Cattle Feed Pellets

There are four classifications of cattle feed pellet, which can be produced by cattle feed pellet plant. They include compound feed pellets, concentrated feed pellets,premix feed pellets and pure grass feed pellets.

pelleted compound feed for cattle, livestock animals
Pelleted Compound Feed

  • Compound Feed Pellets

The compound feed (complete feed) contains starch, proteins, additives and the main feed that are meant for cattle. The main feed is mostly, pasture and corns. Legumes provide protein. Starch, also known as carbohydrates, are sourced from maize (corn) and wheat. Additives boosting the nutrition health of the cattle and also add flavour to the pellets. These additives include salts, vitamins and minerals and powder from bones. The pellets are "complete" as they contain all the nutrients livestock animal need.

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  • Concentrated Feed Pellets

Concentrated feed pellets also contain proteins, carbohydrates (energy food) and additives and additives such as minerals. This kind of feed pellets are used as supplements. For those cattle only feed on pasture, silage and corns, they need other nutrients in their bodies such as proteins and minerals. In other terms, the concentrated feed pellets are nutrition boosters.

  • Premix Feed Pellets

Premix feed pellets are also konwns asfeed additives. The feed additives include nutritive additives, general additives and the drug additives. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are included in the nutritive additives. They boost the nutrition health of the cattle. General additives include incense enhancer and mildew proof. The drug additives contains drug contents that prevent or control diseases. Feed pellet manufacturing industries produce the pellets. They, however, only contains up to 6% animal feed.

make silage feed pellets for cattle, cow, sheep, horse
Pelleted Silage Feed

  •  Grass / Silage Feed Pellets

In the list of classification there is pure grass or forage feed pellets also. They contain pasture, hay and stalk They are easy to make. The feed is high in fibre and its additives are vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories (they do not contain carbohydrates and fats). The fibre aids in easy digestion.

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