2 ton/h Sheep Feed Pellet Making Machine Line

Project Name: Complete Set of Livestock Feed Pellet Making Machine
Plant Capacity: 2 tons per hour
Application: Making fodder pellets for livestock and ruminate animal or cud chewer such as cattle, goat sheep, camel, deer, alpaca and so on.

Cattle & Goat Feed Pellet Making Machine Details

This is a 2TPH livestock feed pellet manfuacturing line for goat, sheep, cattle, etc. It is a complete project plan from factory layout design, equipment manufacturing and feed mill construction. View the following photos to take a simple look at the feed pellet making machines included in the medium scale feed line.

Industrial Scale Project: Livestock Feed Pellet Machines for 10 ton/hour Production Line

sheep feed pellet making machine line for complete production plant
Complete Line of Sheep Feed Pellet Making Machines
buy sheep feed processing machine at low price
Pre-processing Machine
sheep feed pellet making machine for complete feed line
Feed Pellet Making Machine (ring die type)
cooling and packaging machine for commercial sheep feed pellets producing
Cooling and Packaging Machine

Sheep Feed Production

Sheep is a kind of traditional livestock, which can be divided into goats and sheep. Sheep and goat are small ruminants and their digestibility and nutrient use are similar to those of cattle. According to the purpose of production, sheep can be divided into wool sheep, meat sheep and milk sheep. In recent years, as the textile industry has become less dependent on wool, and the demand for mutton has increased, the sheep industry has been transformed from wool to meat and milk. (Recent News: 3~5 Tons per Hour Animal Feed Pellet Machines Shipped to Mali )

how to make sheep feed pellets by setting up a small feed line
Feed Pellets for Sheep Breeding Industry

Fattening Sheep Feed Formula

  • Feed Formula of Fattening Sheep (drylot feeding): 21.5% of maize meal, 21.5% of grass powder, 21.5% of soybean cake, 17% of corn kernel, 10.3% of peanut cake, 6.9% of wheat bran, 0.7% of salt, 0.3% of urea, 0.3% of additive, and mixed uniformly. For the first 20 days, the average feed is 350g per individual per day. During the next 20 days, the average feed is 400g, and the feeding amount is 450g in the next 20 days.
  • Grazing Supplement Feed Formula: 30% of corn, 25% of bran, 20% of rapeseed, 20% of barley, 3% of minerals, and 2% of salt.
  • Lamb Fattening Concentrated Feed: oats 30%, barley 20%, bran 22%, soybean cake 15%, mineral 2%.

The formula of the Bulgarian lamb fattening feed:

  • 30 to 60 days of age (pellet feed): corn 32.8%, barley 10%, oats 14%, bran 10%, sunflower cake 8%, skim milk powder 5%, bean cake 10%, forage dry yeast 3%, and molasses 5%, trace element 0.5%, chalk 1.1%, salt 0.6%.
  • After 60 days of age (pellet feed) : corn kernels 49.9%, barley 20%, bran 5%, sunflower cake 21%, dry yeast 2%, chalk 1.1%, feed additive 1%.


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