3TPH Wood Pellet Manufacturing System in Malaysia

Project Name: Complete Wood Pellet Manufacturing System
Plant Location: Malaysia
Project Production: produce 3 tons wood pellets per hour
Raw Materials: Capable of processing all kinds of wood and biomass materials, such as sawdust, wood shavings, crop stalks, bagasse…
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wood pellet manufacturing system built for full scale production line
Project under Construction

Situated in Klang, Malaysia, this remarkable wood pellet manufacturing system is our client's pilot project for producing wood pellet. The raw materials constitute 100% sawdust. A raw material pre-pretreatment system was installed in the production line. The wood pellet manufacturing system mainly includes cleaning sieve, conveyor, BPM508 pellet mill (capacity of each unit: 1.5 ton/hour), pellets cooler. (Guide: 3-6Tons per Hour Wood Pellet Production Line)

biomass materials cleaning and drying system
Pretreatment System (Cleaning, Crushing, Drying...)

over view of the wood pellet manufacturing plant
Our Clients and Project Manager

manufactured wood fuel pellets
Final Wood Pellets

The sawdust goes through the production line for processing. After the processing, the sawdust is compresses and turned into solidified high heat energy pellets. The pellets are sized in a manner that is favorable for transportation logistics. Given the high demand of these pellets in the world wide energy markets, it suffices to say that the future of this biomass pellet plant is promising and auspicious. (Related News: 2TPH Biofuel Pellet Manufacturing Plant Exported to the Philippines)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

The business success of this wood pellets manufacturing system, which is our client's first project, will be a great stimulus for the developing of an additional extensive pellet plant, which is projected to have the capacity to process various raw materials. This will certainly be heart-warming news and we will be delighted to work with him in future projects.

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