20 ton/h Animal Feed Making Machine

Project Name: Animal Feed Making Production Line
Feed Mill Capacity: 20 ton/hour (equal to 120,000 ton/year)
Application: Suitable for processing both poultry and livestock animals (duck, chicken, broiler, laying hen, goose, pigeon, etc.)

Animal Feed Making Machine Details

This complete set of animal feed making machine is designed and manufactured for making feed pellets. Feel free to send an inquiry if you are interested in setting up a similar feed plant. We are always glad to serve you!

animal feed making machines needed for complete feed plant
Feed Mill Under Construction
start a complete animal feed making production line
Plant Construction
build a animal feed making factory for processing fodder pellets
Finished Feed Making Plant

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Conditioning Process

Conditioning is the most important part in animal feed pelletizing process. The quality of pellet feed is directly determined by the conditioning process. The purpose of conditioning is to make the well mixed raw materials into mash feed with certain moisture and temperature which is suitable for pelletizing. At present, most feed making factory complete the conditioning process by adding steam.

livestock feed pellets making equipment for large scale company
Pretreatment Equipment Details (Cleaning, Mixing & Batching)

The conditioning process includes steam supply system and conditioning system. Steam supply is done by boiler. There are three main kinds of steam boiler, coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler and biomass pellets boiler. The steam supply is generally around 5% of feed production output. The boiler working pressure should be controlled at 0.55~0.69MPa. The steam coming from the boiler enters the conditioner through the steam pipe. For ruminant pellets, the process is relatively simply since they can be pressed directly without conditioning.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Pelletizing Process

manufactured animal feed pellets
Poultry Feed Pellets

When the feed pellet machine works, the powder materials first enter the feeder. A control device is arranged in the feeder to control the feeding quantity and uniformity. The feeding amount is adjusted along with the load of the feed pellet making machine. Feeder speed range is generally 0~150rpm. The powder from the feeder will then enter into the conditioner where the powder materials are mixed with steam. The amount of steam flowing into the feed pellet making machine should be determined according to the physical properties and feeding quantity of the raw materials. Besides, other additives such as grease and molasses can also be added. After a period of conditioning, the uniform materials will go through the iron removing device and then be distributed evenly between the press roller and pellet die. After passing through the pellet die holes, feed pellets are formed, cut into required length and discharged out.

If you need to start a mini or small feed production line, our Small Animal Feed Pellet Plant might be what you want!

Pellets cooling, cracking, screening, are also included in pellet feed production line, which are not described here. Have any questions or need more details of our feed processing equipment, welcome get in touch with us!

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