2TPH Elephant Grass Pelletizer Plant in The Philippines

Project Name: Elephant Grass Pelletizer Plant
Raw Materials: Elephant Grass / Giant King Grass / Napier Grass / Uganda Grass / Miscanthus
Plant Output: Produce 2 ton grass pellets per hour.
Project Location: Philippines

This pelletizer plant was designed and constructed for one of our client in the Philippines, who own a plantation of elephant grass. With this plant, he can make biomass fuel pellets from the energy crop. Besides, he will get shredded grass which will be used as chicken bedding. It will produce 500~700kg grass pellets per hour. (Related Product: Mini Grass Pellet Production Unit for Sale )

biomass grass pelletizer plant field visit
Field Visit (our client's elephant grass plantation)

crushed grass for chicken bedding
Crushed Grass for Chicken Bedding

finished elephant grass pellets produced by gemco pellet plant
Biomass Pellets Made from Elephant Grass

The term Elephant grass may refer to the following grass species:

  • The African Pennisetum purpureum, also known as Napier grass, Uganda grass or giant king grass.
  • The Eurasian Saccharum ravennae, also known as ravennagrass or ekra
  • The South Asian Miscanthus fuscus, also used as a biomass crop

Photos of the Elephant Grass Pelletizing Project

The production of Giant King Grass pellets is a five-step process, which involves drying where the moisture content is reduced to 10%, crushing to smaller bits, pelleting using ring die type pellet machine, cooling down to normal temperature and packing into containers.

complete biomass pelletizer plant for elephant grass processing
Project Under Construction

grass hay copper outsite the factory
Grass Chopper / Cutter outside the Factory

elephant grass crushing machine included in the pelletizing plant
Crushing Process

drying process of the grass pelletizer project
Drying Process

elephant grass pelletizer machine for industrial pellets manufacturing factory
Hay / Grass Pelletizer Machine (Ring Die Type)

hay  grass pelletizing and cooling process plant
Pellets Cooling and Cooling Process

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Giant King Grass is Good Material for Pelletizing Production

Giant King Grass due to its similar constitution to Corn Stover and Miscanthus, and due to the fact that it provides heat value of about 7,900 B.T.U per dry pond which is higher than the aforementioned sources and produces energy up to 18.4 MJ per kilogram, has become a great source for biomass energy pellet production. lts higher yield, low cost of production, ease of processing and the fact that it requires very less fertilizers and no pesticides makes it a better candidate. Abundance of this grass also reduces the cost significantly. Giant King Grass does not just reduce the cost of energy, it also reduces the carbon footprint for production due to its near zero utilization of fertilizers and pesticides.

Market of Elephant Grass Pellets

Governments, industries as well as scientific community have been looking for alternate sources of energy for the past decade, especially energy sources that are renewable. Biomass energy has gained importance as a great alternative, renewable source of energy during this time.

napier grass processing industry, making biomass fuel pellets

The very fast growing, high yield, low cost, low maintenance Giant King Grass or Elephant grass has become the most ideal biomass energy source to grow in the tropical and sub-tropic regions. With abundant sunshine and water, Giant King Grass can be harvested in as less as 195 days and every 120 days subsequently. The significance of the Giant King-Grass Pellet Production Line can be determined after considering the advantages of this energy source and the market in detail.

Elephant Grass Pelletizer Plant Cost

Our first elephant grass pelletizing project was constructed in 2011 while the location is in the Guangdong Province of China. The major raw material is the Giant King-Grass. The total investment stands at R.M.B 13 million. And aside from drying and grinding, the project line also covers chopping, pelletizing and pressing, chopping, grinding, drying, and pelletizing. The capacity of production is about 10,000 tns per year while the gross production stands at R.M.B 250 per ton. The sales price is R.M.B 85. The target market is the Pearl River-Delta region and finally, the quality of the pellet is giant king-grass pellets that contain 8.8% moisture and with a 4.72 k Whlkg calorific value. (Related Article: How to Start a Biomass Pellet Plant?)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

A review of the facts presented here, points to the advantages that Giant-King Grass biomass pellets provide and the profit potential to venture into this market. The project that finds the most abundant source of energy always holds great potential in any market. For more details please contact us or leave us a question.

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