5 ton/h Livestock & Poultry Feed Mill Machinery

Project Name: Livestock and Poultry Feed Mill Plant
Production Capacity: 5 tons per hour (30,000 tons per year)
Factory Location: Domestic

This is a complete production line of animal feed for making livestock feed and poultry feed. The output of this feed mill is 5 ton/h. It is a turnkey project which includes project design, factory layout, equipment manufacturing and onsite construction, installing and commissioning.

Feed Mill Machinery Details of the Project

View the photos below to see more details of the feed mill machinery included in the 5TPH animal feed plant.

poultry feed mill plant deisnged for manufacturing chicken food
Construction Site

set a a livestock feed milling factory with low cost
Workshop Building

cheap poultry feed mill machinery for sale
Livestock / Poultry Feed Mill Mahcinery Details

full scale business plan of livestock feed mill plant
Side View of the Feed Plant

project report of small to medium scale poultry feed mill
Feed Mill Nearing Completion

livestock feed mill machinery details and process flow
Electric Cabinet Details and Process Flow Chart

make  roughage feed and concentrated feed products

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Animal Feed Processing and Conditioning Method

The processing and conditioning methods of animal feed mainly include the following:

Moistening and soaking: Moistening is generally used for feeds with high dust content, while soaking is commonly used to soften hard seeds or oil cakes, or to dissolve toxic substances. Besides, for some grains with high tannins content such as sorghum, soaking can also help alleviate the bitterness.

Crushing: Increase the digestibility of feed. The optimal particle size should be considered according to various factors including the nature of feed, the type of livestock and poultry, feeding way and processing cost. Too small is easy to lump and not good for chewing and digestion. Too large is not good for digestion and absorption and also affects the mixing uniformity.

Steaming and Roasting: Further improve the palatability and digestibility. Besides, roasting can produce fragrance, and roasted barley is widely used as attractant of pig feed. Roasting can also destroy the nutritive factors in seeds, thereby improving their nutritional value.

Pelletizing: Feed pellets are convenient for industrial processing. They also help reduce feed waste and avoid fussy animals. Feed pellets also have high nutritional value and digestion utilization. From bran feed, pelletizing can also destroy the starch grains in the bran, which is beneficial to the digestion of amylase.

Fermentation: the fermentation of concentrated feed is different from that of roughage feed. The latter one is used for deterioration of crude fiber which is difficult to digest, which the former one is used for improving the nutritional value of feed through microbial fermentation, thus obtain new breeding characteristics for some special purpose in breeding industry. For example, fermented feed can supply vitamin B, enzymes, organic acids and aromatic substances for dairy cows and pigs in the late fattening period, and also good for sick or indigestible cubs, so as to improve digestion and nutritional status, and further improve the productivity.

The Processing and Utilization of Concentrated feed

feed milling production

Concentrated feed is the main component of livestock and poultry feed, mainly including energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, etc. It is the main source of nutrient for livestock and poultry. Generally speaking, the concentrated feed is of good palatability, high nutritional value. However, there are substances which can still affect the digestion of animals, such as the cell wall of aleurone layer, starch grains, some antinutritional factors such as antitrypsin, as well as the husk of some seeds. Therefore, it is necessary to make proper processing and conditioning to improve the feed digestibility.

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