After-Sales Service

As a dedicated equipment supplier and service provider, we can not only offer you all necessary facilities required in a biomass pellet mill plant, but also provide all-embracing after-sales service, including:

1. Plant installation:

When all the equipments needed in your pelletizing plant are shipped to your destination, we can send expert workers and engineers to install the equipments for you. You only need to pay for the workers, and they will finish the whole installation.

2. Staff training:

We offer staff training to your workers, since the biomass pelletizer plant should be operated by experienced persons. Some mistakes during operation may cause damage to the equipments, and ultimately shorten their service life. We have built several biomass pelleting plants at home and abroad and gained abundant experience in pellet processing (which is lacked by many other pellet machine manufacturers). So with our help and guidance, you needn’t worry about any problems in operation.

3. Trouble shooting:

When using the biomass pelletization plant, you will inevitably encounter machine faults. If not solved properly, they might influence further usage. Luckily, with our help, all troubles can be resolved. We offer 24/7 service to respond to any of your questions to guarantee the normal operation of your pellet plants. If you have any demand of the above mentioned aspects, please feel free to contact us at anytime, anywhere.


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