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make bagasse pelletsSugarcane residues are known as bagasse or bagbumme. Brazil is famous cane sugar producing country. Their main efforts are concentrated in sugarcane processing, including manufacture sugar and alcohol. Because of the growing economic globalization trend, the international sugar market competition more intense, Brazil have begun to pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of sugarcane bagasse.




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bagasse pellets making

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Comprehensive Utilization of Sugar Cane Residues

bagasse fuel pellets

★  Bagasse - As Fuel
(Make Bagasse Pellets Fuel)

One ton of sugarcane can produce about 300kg bagasse. The production of sugarcane bagasse per year in Brazil is 75~90 million tons. About 90% or more is used as fuel to supply power for factory. With wood pellets making machine, bagasse can be extruded into pellets fuel.

bagasse feed pellets

★  Bagasse – As Fodder
(Make Bagasse Feed Pellets for Animals)

With feed pellet mill, through high pressure and high temperature processing, bagasse can be used as animal feed instead of grass and other fodder materials. Bagasse feed pellets can mainly be used to feed cattle, cows, sheep, fish and so on.

Years of experiments show that adding 38%~40% puffed bagasse in forage does good to animals’ healthy. The experimental data is as below:

Item BH1 BH2 BH3
Content of Bagasse 52% 38% 25%
Daily Weight Gain of Cattle 0.866 1.012 0.985

The utilization of bagasse is very worthy to study and research. GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd is not only specialized in bagasse pelletizing machinery, but also specialized in bagasse feed preparation, processing principles, equipment and process conditions.


The Mainly Chemical Composition of Bagasse

Bagasse is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and pectin substance.

  • Cellulose: 45%~55%
  • Hemicelluloses:20%~30%
  • Lignin: 16%~22%
  • Pectin Substance: 1%~2%
  • Protein: 2%~3%

making biomass pellets

  • I am interested in your bagasse pellet machine. Do you have agents in South Africa? if there are no agents in south Africa what is the solution in terms of spares and servicing of equipment. The south African rand of similar equipment namely agri is manufacturing approximately 30 units per month and the cost of such equipment is approximately R 30 000.00 locally.
  • Sorry, we don't have agent in South Africa at present. Buy directly from us so you can enjoy factory price. We always have enough spare parts in stock, which customers can purchase from us very convenient in any time. Also, most of customers purchase some spare parts with machine together for easy future use,  and save some shipping cost.

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