1TPH Wood Pellet Production Company in Italy

  • Project Name: Wood Pellet Production Company
  • Plant Location: Italy
  • Production Output: 1ton/hour
  • Raw Materials: Several different kinds of wood (Pine, Spruce, Douglas, Beech…)
  • Production Process: Log cutting, debarking, splitting, chipping, crushing, drying, pelletizing, pellets cooling and packing.

how to start a wood pellet production compnay and what't the cost

This wood pellet production factory is established for one of our client in Italy. It is featured of full automatic feeding and drying system, greatly reduce labor cost.

Onsite Photos of the Wood Pellet Production Company

The photos below were took onsite during the project construction and commissioning. (Related Project: 2TPH Wood Pellet Production Line in Sri Lanka)

wood log debarking machine and splitting machine for large production line
Debarking Machine (left), Wood Splitting Machine (right)

wood crushing and  drying equipments for the wood pellets producing company
Wood Crushing (left), Drying (right)

wood pellet production equipment for large fuel pellets manufacturing factory
Pellet Machine

wood pellets pelletizing and cooling equipment of the complete plant
Wood Pellets Cooler and Bagging Equipment

biomass pellets cooling and bagging machine for industrial production line
Details of the Bagging / Packing Machine

final pellets in bag
Final Pellets in Bag

Have any questions of starting a full scale wood pellet production company? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are always here to help!

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How to choose Equipment for Your Pellet Production

As fossil fuels are depleting at a rate faster than their creation, alternative sources of energy are gaining traction. Biofuels like wood pellets are a good substitute for fossil fuels and can be made from a variety of things ranging from sawdust to agricultural wastes. Whether you want to start a company / factory or just want to be a home owner, here are a few points to consider before you buy pellet making machine:

  • The first thing to consider before buying equipment for wood pellet production is the raw materials which will be used. Will you be using wood pellets, sawdust, wood chips or will you be using leaves, grass or agricultural wastes?

  • The raw materials can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before the pelletization process can start, the raw materials need to be reduced to appropriate size. If your raw materials are of a larger size they need to be crushed before being fed into the pelletizer by a crushing system. If the raw materials being used are logs of woods and they are longer than 6m and have a diameter more than 1m, then you need a wood cutter or other similar equipment to reduce their size before feeding them into the crushing system. (Related Article: Business Plan for 1-2Tons Wood Pellet Line)

invest in wood pellets manufacturing industry

  • Raw materials with high moisture content will not yield the best end product. It is best if the initial moisture content in the raw materials is around 13% to 15%. If the initial moisture content in your raw materials is above 40% then you need a rotary dryer. This will greatly improve your efficiency. On the other hand, if the initial moisture content is only slightly greater than 15%, then drying them in the sun is the more cost effective and efficient solution. (Recent Order: Pine Wood Pellet Machinery Exported to America)

  • The next thing to consider is the production capacity. The price of the pellet machine is directly proportional to its production capacity, that is how many tonnes per hour it can produce.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

  • The finished pellets can come is a variety of sizes - 6mm, 8mm etc. There are different dies available depending on the size of the wood pellets. If you plan to produce pellets of more than one size, you can get multiple ring dies.

  • Once the pellets are ready they need to be packed into bags. Depending on the how many kilograms are to be packed in each bag, the packing system can be finalized.

Buying a single small pellet machine or built a full scale industrial pellet production factory or company are both good investments and it is best to provide the equipment supplier with all the above details so that you can get the perfect equipment or business plan for your needs.

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