• Sir
    I would like to know the best deals you have for setting up a plant . so please do send the relavent information.
  • We can supply you wood pellet project with turn key service. We have projects in UK, Serbia, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand,etc.
    After receipt your company information, I will send you the video links for your reference. 
    please confirm below information to get the design and quotation:
    1. What is the raw material ? Sawudust, wood chips or logs?
    2. What is the moisure content in % of the wood? The suitable moisture content for pelletizing is 10~15%.
    3. How many pellets do you want to make per hour? 
  • I was inquiring on the price and over all size of a complete hard wood pellet line producing around 1 thousand pounds per hour. It will be in machias New York.
  •  Thanks for your inquiry.  We can supply wood pellet plant to you with turnkey service.  To give more detailed information accordingly, please check and reply below questions: 
    1. which kind of biomass/wood do you want to use as raw material?
    2. whay is their max. size (diameter and length)?
    3. where are they from? forest or saw mill?
        what is their moisture content?
    4. Do you have a warehouse for this project? Size and height limit?
    With your reply on above questions, we can have further discuss.
    After receipt your company details and contact information, I can send you the flowchart and layout accordingly.
  • I would like to do hard wood and they will be chipped to the size of about 1 to 2 inches and as for a warehouse I will build one. Not real sure on moisture content but mostly they wood will be a few weeks after being cut.
  • In this case, a hammer mill shall be used to crush the wood chips into sawdust. And a dryer also needs to be used. Let us assume the moisture contant of the wood chips is at 25~30%.
    We recommend you to crush the chips at first, then take the drying process to 10~15%, then make pellets. Do you need pellet packing machine? 15kg per bag is ok? Do you have budget for this project? Also when do you want to start to run this project?
  • Yes that sound good. And if possible I would like to make the bags 40 lbs.This won't be done till mid summer at the earliest.  And I would like to keep the cost as low as possible without using a flat die mill  and if possible make it easy to upgrade after a few years of use.
  • Glad to know your plan for this project.
    Our pellet mill for your project is ring die model, KMPM 350, with CE certificate. Please check the attached photos of our project gallery. Also the quotation is attached.
    If  you want to extend the project capacity, with our help, it is very easy. We have many experiences.
    For 40 lbs per bag packing, no problem, our semi-auto packing machine can package according to your requriement, such as 15, 20, 25, 50kg per bag.
    I recommend you to consider 15kg per bag, this kind package is the most popular in pellet fuel market.

    PS: We suggest you to store the frsh cutted wood logs for one month to let them get air dry naturally. In this way, you can reduce the wood log moisture max. without cost a penny.
  • Thank you very much for your suggestions. Could you send the price for everything from the hammer mill to the bagger and overall setup dementions?
  • Please check the flow chart design of your project in the attached JPG file. After your confirmation, i will send you more details, such as the photos for each machine and quotation.  What is the size of your land? coudl you send me photos for my reference to make better design?  Do you need any help on financing? is this project invested by your own fund, or you take the main share, or need bank loan?
  • Sorry no pic of land we got over 10 feet of snow but it is five acres of field and on the financing I am not sure yet but possibly.
  • Heard from news of NY was heated by snowstorm. Espeically your town is closed to the lake. It is freezing cold outside, wish everything is fine on your side, keep warm with your family. If you have any questions on the pellet production, please feel free to ask, We are willing to help.
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