0-1Ton Small Wood Pellet Plant

0-1Ton Small Wood Pellet Plan

500kg small wood pellet plan

Solution for 500kg Per Hour Small Scale Wood Pellet Plant (Click to enlarge the flow chart picturer)

This is just one example of small pellets plant with capacity under 1 ton per hour. In fact, the solution might be different even for the same output.  There are many factors that can affect the solution, such as the raw material, the budget, the space size,  the level of automation and so on. Tell us your situation and requirements and we can offer the customized pelletizing solution for free!

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Feel free to contact us if you want the "Project Products List" for 0-1 ton wood pellet line or need detailed information about our pelletizing solution.

GEMCO Successful 0-1Ton Wood Pelletizing Projects

Country Capacity

hungary Hungary →

★ 500kg/h Small Wood Pellet Plant

america Eden Prairie, America →

★ 500-600kg/h Wood Pellets Plant

►500kg/h Small Wood Pellet Plant In Hungaryhungary

wood residues
Raw Material: Wood Residues

wood pellets
Final Wood Pellets

wood pellet line
Pelletizing Process

wood pellet mill
Wood Pellet Mill

pellet mill and cooler
Pellet Mill and Cooler

Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer

Control Cabinet
Control Cabinet

Hot Blast Stove
Hot Blast Stove


►500-600kg/h Wood Pellets Plant In Eden Prairie, Americaamerica

Pelletizing Raw Material: Sawdust

final pellets
Final Sawdust Pellets

sawdust pellet mill
Sawdust Pellet Mill

sawdust wood pellets plant
Sawdust Wood Pellets Plant

wood pellets plant
Small Wood Pellets Plant

flowchart of this small wood pellet line
Flowchart of This Small Pellet Line

Details of the plant
Details of The Plant

pellets conveyor
Pellets Conveyor


Details of the Pellets Plant
Other Details


Dryer Details
Dryer Details

Dryer Details

draught fan
Draught Fan

Pellet Machine Details
Pellet Machine Details


  • We are evaluating a production plan for 2 Pellet Plants in Kenya. After having a look at your website I am pleased to inform you that your proficiencies highly meet our requirements.

    For our first plant  we are looking at saw dust as our raw material since a lot of it is available here. The sawdust can be obtained in a dry or slightly damp state. For our second plant we are looking at stem wood as the main raw material. Firstly, we want a production output of 1 ton per hour for the first system i.e. where saw dust is the main raw material and we require a production output of 30 tonnes per hour for the second system i.e. where stem wood is the main raw material. We are looking to operate both plants on a 24 hour basis.
  • Thanks for your inquiry in our wood pellet plant. For your first plant, you raw material is dry sawdust, right? Then it does not meet match crusher and dryer. Pls confirm. Then we can beging to make the offer for you. And reply you the following questions.
    For second pellet plant, the capacity 30t/h is a little big. The largest pellet plant we built now is 20t/h. We have send the project photos and other details to your email as attachment. Anyway, Let us begin from first plant after getting your confirmation.
  • To answer you first question yes the raw material is saw dust but it is not all dry. Some of the material is wet.
    Secondly, we could work with a 20 ton/hour plant, initial and then scale up as needed. I would also like to know the details for this so that we have an idea of whether to put both plants or build just the larger plant if the economies of scale benefits are far greater.
    I await you prompt and positive response.
  • If your raw material is wet, can you inform the humidity? such as 30%, 40% etc. then we can confirm how big dryer we need match in the offer.
    For 20t/h pellet plant, your raw material is also sawdust? We build this 20ton/h pellet plant in Vietnam, and the price list of machines is send to your email. The workshop size need be 100m*50m (L*W). so kindly confirm you are ready for this plant, including you need have the stable source of raw material.
  • I am planning to set up a 1 ton/hour production line for processing plant most likely be a mix of saw dust and wood waste from lumbar mills. The moisture level is on average around 25% - 30%.
  • Pls refer to the attachment sent to your email. It is complete 1 ton per hour wood pellet line from crushing to packing.
  • Hello , I care a full line of wood pellets . Use all wood species both softwood and hardwood . Production to be around 1000 kg / h . Waiting for answer, thank you . -- from Germany
  • How about the size and moisture of your raw material softwood and hardwood? then we can confirm whether we need match hammer mill and dryer in the offer.

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