2TPH Wood Pellet Production Line in Sri Lanka

Project Name: Wood Pellet Production Line
Capacity: 1.5 ton/h ~2 ton/h
Plant Location: Sri Lanka
Wood Pellet Production Cost: Inquire for the cost details of the project.

This state of the art complete wood pellet production line is situated in the heart of Sri Lanka, a country that is well renowned for its affable and industrious people. Our client, being a hard-working Sri Lankan himself, intends to venture into the biomass business. Using sawdust as raw material, his biomass plant will be producing biofuel energy pellets. (Related Article: How to start a 1-2Tons Wood Pellet Line?)

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Finished Project and Produced Wood Pellets

In order to provide this highly esteemed client of ours with an appropriate and satisfactory production framework, we have dispatched our team of proficient engineers who conduct on-site assessment and construction.

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Over View of the Inside Factory

wood pellet production factory top view
Top View

wood pellets in bag

With the unparalleled industriousness and indefatigable spirit of the Sri Lankan workforce, the wood pellet production line which boasts an output capacity of 1.5-2 tons is already complete. Some of its key equipment include; storage bin, a sieving machine, stove, drum dryer, ring die pellet mill [BPM508], pellets cooler and packing scale. (Related Article: Sawdust Wood Pellet Manfuacturing Process)

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Our policy is to create a strong business relationship and friendship with our clients, and to endeavor to satisfy their needs. If you want to know more about the project or feel interested in the wood pellet production cost details, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • I am planning to start a 2 ton/hour wood pellet production plant. We are still in negotiations for the industrial land site,  we would like to have your suggestions about layout and general foot print required.
  • For your reference, the size of warehouse is about 800-900 M2, and maximum height is 9m if you want to build this wood pellet plant.
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