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make bamboo pelletsBamboos are a subfamily of perennial evergreen flowering plants in the family of Poaceae. The largest members of the family are referred to as giant bamboos, the intermodal parts of the stem are hollow while vascular bundles are scattered throughout the stem rather than a cylindrical arrangement. The lack of secondary growth has prompted the bamboos to have a columnar shape rather than tapers. Bamboos are known to be some of the fastest growing grass because of the special rhizome dependent system. Some species can grow 0.89 meters within a day. Bamboos are widely known for their cultural and economic significance in southeast and eastern parts of the Asian continent. They are used as a source of food, building materials among others in Asia. Bamboos are considered as one of the most primitive grasses because they are available in indeterminate inflorescences 3 stigmas and six stamens.

Distribution and Growth 

Bamboo grass species are found in a wide array of climates from hot tropical to mountain regions. They occur in East Asia, northern Australia, India, and Himalayas; moreover, they are present in sub Saharan Africa, mid Atlantic states and Americas, Chile and Argentina. Bamboos grow 98 inches in 24 hours this is in the best condition. The growth rate is largely dependent on the climatic condition, local soil, and species. In warm climates of the eastern Asia, they grow over 100 feet tall and 20 centimeters in diameter. However, the size also depends on the species, the prevailing weather condition, and soil. Unlike other trees, bamboo culms shoot from the ground in full diameter and grow in height in a season of 3-4 months. When it fully matures in 3 years fungus begins to grow on the culm and then it causes it to decay. Bamboos have a wide array of hardness depending on the locale and species.

How to make Bamboo Pellets?

Bamboo powder is used as a raw material in making bamboo pellets used as fuel.

bamboo powder bamboo pellets

Make Fuel Pellets from Bamboo

Bamboo pellets are small and look like enlarged capsule, they often shiny and appear as furnished wood pieces. Bamboo is crushed by the pellet-producing machine into minute particles, which resemble sawdust; this saw dust is then compacted at high speed and pressure. The presser compresses the pellets and during this process, the temperature of the bamboo pellets increases, which in turn causes lignin in the bamboo to gel and hold all the pellets together. The pellets are then left to dry reducing their moisture content to less than 10 %. Bamboo pellets are known to have low ash content when compressed and dried below ten percent. With the current trend of developing fuels bamboo, pellet mill has become famous for making bamboo pellets; it nearly matches the standard coal energy value. When compared to electric, gas or oil bamboo pellets can save up to fifty percent of running costs while protecting the environment. Biomass pellets are safe and convenient for storage and transport, the pellets are essential in protecting the environment and renewable energy. Choose the best bamboo pellet mill for high quality pellets and exceptional calorific value.

Bamboo Pellet Machine for Sale

bamboo pellet machine

Ring die pelleting machine is the best choice for extruding bamboo pellets. View our websites to know more about ring die type pellet mill equipment. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an inquiry online.

Fully Automatic Plant of Bamboo Pellet Production

bamboo pelleting plan

Bamboo Pelleting Plan (Capacity: 3 Tons per Hour)

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Other Uses of Bamboo

Animal diet

Bamboos make 99 percent of giant panda’s diet, soft bamboo stems, leaves and shoots are rich in sucrose and other sugars. Mountain gorillas also feed on soft bamboo stems and in some cases, some chimpanzees have been seen consuming sap, which is fermented and alcoholic.

Culinary Uses 

Glutinous rice with coconut cream and sugar are often served in special bamboos in Thailand and Nepal. The shoots of the bamboos are fermented with oil and turmeric thereafter cooked with potatoes as accompaniment of rice. Pickled bamboos are used as condiment.

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