Corn Stalk Pellets Making Machine

make corn stalk pelletsCorn stalk pellets making machine is also known as pellet mill, pellet machine and pellet press. It can be divided into flat die pellet press and ring die pellet press according to the machinery structure.

Corn Stalk Pellet Press for Sale

Flat Die Pellet Press

There are two different types of flat die pellet mill. One is die-turned pellet mill and the other is roller turned pellet mill. The flat die pellet mill machine is mainly composed of motor, switch box, feeding mechanism, gear box, safety device, pellet roller, flat pellet die, pelletizing chamber and other parts. Before pelleting, make sure the corn stalk is crushed appropriately. When machine running, after been fed into the feeding mechanism, the crushed corn stalks will be send to the extruding chamber composed by pellet roller and flat die. Under the extrusion of rotating pressure, the corn stalk particles will be pressed into density pellets and be discharged from the pellet die hole.

gemco flat die small pellet machine

Ring Die Pellet Press

Ring die type pellet machine is mainly composed of motor, switch box, feeding mechanism, safety device, pellet roller, ring die, and other parts. When machine running, the raw materials will be transported to the pelletizing chamber by horizontal spiral feeder. Under the pressing of pellet roller and ring die, pellets can be made and discharged from the ring die holes.

corn stalk pellets making machine

The Main Technical Parameters

Item Flat Die Pellet Press Ring Die Pellet Press
Diameter of Die hole 2~10mm 2-15mm
Output 50~450kg/h 200~2000kg/h
PS: GEMCO pellet machines have many different models, so the data in the above table is range.

GEMCO Pellet Press – Quality Control

GEMCO own a comprehensive quality management system. By monitoring and controlling the pelleting productivity, ratio of pelletizing, dust concentration, pellets consistency, pellets density, assembly quality, appearance quality, paint quality and other quality inspection and indicators. GEMCO Pellet Mill can not only meet the design requirements, but also meet or even exceed the main performance indicators.

Advantage of GEMCO Corn Stalk / Straw Pellet Press Machine

  • Adopts advanced flat die and ring die structure design;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Stable granulating performance;
  • High productivity. The output can reach 2000kg/h;
  • Pellets density more than 1000kg/m3;
  • Pelleting ratio higher than 95%;
  • Pellets density higher than 90%;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • High reliability;
  • Have detailed instructions and operation manual;

Why Make Corn Stalk Pellets and Straw Pellets?

Corn stalk pellets and straw pellets are small in size and have high density, making them convenient for storage and transportation. The size of pellets is only thirtieth of raw corn stalk. The density can reach 1000kg/m3. It is good for the industrialization production. The burning effect of biomass pellets is also good. The tests show that the heat value of corn stalk pellets is more than 35000 calories and volatile matter of 60% ~ 85%. It is comparable to coal.

High Quality, Low Price and Large Market Space

Corn straw pellet is clean and friendly to the environment. Its sulfur content is only 0.16%~0.22%, which is far lower than coal. Besides, the price of corn straw pellets is low. At present, straw pellets fuel is not only used in the countryside, but also applied to biomass boiler in large cities in every ones’ daily life. Especially, corn straw pellets are developing rapidly in power industry. The future of biomass pellet is seriously inestimable and should not be underestimated. On the day of resource shortage, it is a great opportunity to invest in pellet making machines. In addition, corn straw pellet press machine has also been widely used in feed industry.
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