Acacia Wood Pellet Machine

Acacia wood is widely used in many parts of the world to make many different kinds of furniture. It is a favorite wood for bathroom and kitchens because of its water resistant quality, high durability and long life. Known by different names like Wattle, Thorn Tree or Whistling Thorn, this wood is native to Australia but can also be found in places in Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Because it is abundantly available people use it for furnishing their homes. The result is a large amount of sawdust as a byproduct that can be used for making other things.

make acacia wood wastes into fuel pellets
From Wood Wates to Fuel Pellets

The most common product that can be made from sawdust is pellets, with the help of ring die pellet machine from GEMCO. Many investors have bought these pellet making machines and have started pellet production line in Vietnam. It is an easy process but needs good machinery set to help you get good quality pellets.

How to Make Acacia Wood into Pellets?

Let's take a look at how to make acacia wood into pellets.

acacia wood pellet machine for industrial scale production line
Common Acacia Wood Pellet Mill for Industrial Scale Production

how to start your own production line with best business plan

PS: If your raw mateirals are in large size such as wood chips and shavings, a wood crusher is needed except the machines listed in the above picture.

  • Drying Process: The sawdust from the Acacia wood contains a high amount of moisture, so it needs to be dried beforeit can be made into pellets. For this purpose, GEMCO rotary dryer is most suitable because it can removemoisture to even less than 18% of original moisture content. The sawdust is passed via conveyor belt andinto the dryer.
  • Pelletizing Process: Once the sawdust has left off most of its moisture, it is passed into the acacia wood pellet machine. It is essential to know the ideal compression ratio to make perfect acacia wood pellets. Experts from GEMCO have that expertise for making those perfect wood pellets. (Read more: Wood Pelletizer for Sale)
  • Cooling and Packing: The process adds heat to the pellets and these needs to be cooled. The cooler has the capacity tosieve through the broken and powdered pellets which can then be processed again. Once the pellets havecooled, they are packed for transportation.

What Makes GEMCO The Best Choice?

GEMCO wood pellet mill for processing harde wood wastes

With a wide range of experience in manufacturing wood pellet machine and making customized pelletizing plant all over the world, GEMCO use the best quality raw materials to make their high end facilities. Cost cutting by buying parts of machinery from different sources can lead to additional cost in repairing and bringing the pellet plant to working condition. It is advisable to trust GEMCO for installing your entire pellet plant as a complete unit. With all our expertise in this industry, all you will need is to get your sawdust and start making the acacia pellets. Choose GEMCO,choose the best.

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