Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine

We would like to bring to your attention of our new chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine used for making organic fertilizer. The machines are easy to use and efficient. The raw materials used to make the organic fertilizer pellets should be organic material ranging from shrimp meal, bat guano, livestock droppings, dried sea weed, meat and bone meal among other raw materials. You may be thinking why not apply the organic matter directly without processing it through the pellet press, without processing the organic manure its economic value will not be fully developed. Our machines will provide you with economic value as a farmer or an investor. We also stock the pellet die and a rollers that come in pairs. Depending on customer preference of pellet size, the die comes in a range of 2mm to 10mm.

chicken manure fertilizer pellet making process
Manure Pelletizing System

If you interested in purchasing a unit of our fertilizer pellet making machine or setting up a chicken maure pellet production line. we urge you to provide us with your specification in the line of what organic material you intend to use, your source of power, intended output of fertilizer pellets per hour and your budget. Using this information, our organization is capable of designing and delivering and efficient pellet machine customized to user specifications.

How to make Fertilizer Pellets from Poultry or Livestock Manure?

  1. Manure drying: Since the moisture content of waste animal bedding for chicken, cow and horse…is always very high. So the very first step of manure pellet plant is drying. The drying process of animal manure is different from biomass materials. otherwise, the high water content will block the crusher / hammer mill. The moisture of manure wastes should be dried to less than 15% during this process.
  2. Manure crushing: The manure will become loose after drying. Then the hammer mill is capable of crushing it into powder with 2~5mm in diameter.
  3. Manure pelletizing: After crushing, the manure is ready for pelletizing. In fertilizer pellet mill press, the manure will be extruded into granulated products, which are called manure pellets or fertilizer pellets.
  4. Pellets cooling: Cooling machine is needed to cool down the hot fertilizer pellets extruded from the flat die pellet press or ring die pellet mill. Then, the pellets can be stored or used.

Types of Manure Fertilizer Pellets

poultry livestock manure and animal beading wastes pelletizing
Poultry Manure and Animal Bedding Wastes

  • Chicken or manure pellets: Like sheep manure, chicken manure is also rich in boron and trace minerals, making chicken manure one of the most popular choice for fertilizer pellet production. However, if you plan to make fuel pellets with chicken manure, the bad smell is what you need to bear.
  • Cow manure pellets: cow manure is also called cow pie. Since it contains lots undigested herbaceous plant such as straw and stalk, it is used for making fuel pellets for burning purpose in some cases.
  • Horse manure pellets: Both horse manure and waste horse bedding are good raw materials for making fuel pellets.
Manure pellet maker can be flat die or ring die type. Flat die manure pellet making machine is designed for home use or farm use in small scale. Ring die manure pellet machine is recommend for medium and large scale pellet plant.
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