Make Pellets from Combustible Garbage

garbage pellet productionMade from compressed organic matter, pellets are bio fuels; they can be created by recycling biomass residues i.e. industrial, everyday life and garden wastes, agriculture garbage, and virgin lumber. One of the most common types of pellet fuel is generated from combustible garbage i.e. municipal solid waste. Garbage and landfills have caused ground and water pollution, soil and air pollution, this problem of increased environmental pollution is not only harmful for man but animals as well as marine life is also highly disturbed by these waste products. Recycling of municipal solid waste not only cleans up the environment but also saves the new resources use.

Turn Rubbish into Treasures

Other than that this recycling cleans the environment from such waste that cannot be decomposed thus saving the environment from the horrific threat of global warming. The most popular utilization of garbage and waste is as a fuel source by using fuel pellet machines. These machines are used to make pellets from combustible garbage, the pellet machines are environmentally responsible, provide consistent availability of reliable and good quality by product. The machine works with some steps for converting combustible garbage into recycled pellets. The steps include Picking up of large size garbage from the dumps.

  • Combustible garbage conveying;
  • Breaking down of garbage bags;
  • Waste classification in an air separating system;
  • Sorting out material made up of metal;
  • Electromagneticseparation;
  • Cleaning and deodorizing;
garbage pellet mill plan

For making fuel pellets from this processed waste, the combustible inorganic materials are transferred to the drying machine, after that are placed into waste fine grinding machine and then this fine powdered material can be made into fuel pellets directly in the pellet mill. These pellets are then used in pellet stoves, central heating furnaces, and other heating machines.

Main Pellet Making Machinery for Biomass Pellet Production

If you are planning to build a turnkey pellet mill, you might need to know about the following pellet making machienry for industrial scale pellet production.

small production of biomass pellets
Small Production of Biomass Pellets (Capacity: 0~1 Ton per hour)

large production of biomass pellets
Large Industrial Scale Production of Biomass Pellets

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  • Log Processing Machine
  • Wood Crusherlhammer Mill
  • Woodchipslsawdust Dryer
  • Wood Pellet Mill
  • Wood Pellet Cooler
  • Automatic Packing System
  • Wood Pellet Plant
  • Biomass Briquettel Charcoal Machine
  • Anciallary Equipment

With the increase in price of fossil fuels, the demand for pellet heating has increased, pellet production has increased and doubled between 2006 and 2010. For quality pellet recycling, relay on our machines. Our machines not only recycle waste materials like plastic polyester etc but it also recycles cow dung into pellets other than that delicate materials like crop stalks, sunflower husk and wasted straw can also be converted into pellets by our machines, we aim in creating high quality pellets.

PLC system of pellet production line
PLC System of Biomass Pellet Production Line

With proper use and proper maintenance the wood pellet mill can bring about significant economic success to enterprises, our machines save on energy costs and are devoted to give you good and lasting product which you can easily rely upon.

This useful fuel can easily be produced by recycling combustible garbage by our machines thus cleaning up the environment as well as increasing awareness of environmental protection. Our solid waste pelletizing system not only reduces labor intensity, saves time and energy, economically beneficial, easier in reach and reliable but also provides you with a material that is cheap and so much in demand and so this all in the cost of cleaning up the environment and man's own habitat.

garbage pellets


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