Rice Straw Pellet Making Machine

make rice straw pellets

Rice originates from Asia, and is now naturalized in most tropical and subtropical countries and regions. Rice straw is the stems of rice plant, cut at grain harvest or after. It may be burned and left on the field before the next ploughing, ploughed down as a soil improver. While, more and more comprehensive countries and regions process rice straw into rice straw pellets as a feed for livestock or fuel for cooking and heating because of its abundant resources and high carbohydrate and nutritional value composition.

Transform Rice Straw to Bio-fuel Pellets

It is specially time-consuming and low-efficiency that people process manually rice straw into rice straw pellets. Then a rice straw pellet making machine is so essential to turn rice straw into biomass pellets. With the biomass pellet mill, people can conveniently get rice straw pellets which they want in short time.

Rice Husk, Rice Straw Pellets Manufacturing Video

Choose the BEST Rice Straw Pellet Making Machine

Generally speaking, low quality rice straw pellet machine always has some problems when working. For example, the electric machine is powerless. Besides, the motor of poor quality is easily burned out due to long time working which means the rated load is low. So the very first step to make high quality straw pellets is choosing the BEST straw pellet making machine. As a reliable and professinal pellet making machine manufacturer and supplier, we always put quality and service first. Each machine from ABC Machinery is legitimately checked and adjusted to keep the rotate speed and belt is suitable.

small straw pellet mill
Small Straw Pellet Machines (flat die design)

We have researched and developed 4 types of small rice straw pellet making machine, which includes electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. They are highly efficient and the fuel cost is low.

large straw pellet mill
Large Straw Pellet Mill (ring die design)

For large scale pellet production, ring die pellet mill is suggested.

The Main Technical Parameters

Item Flat Die Pellet Press Ring Die Pellet Press
Diameter of Die hole 2~10mm 2-15mm
Output 50~450kg/h 200~2000kg/h

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