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As farmers we all know that sometimes using the Stover pellet mill to get the right type of pellet out of it can be difficult. Sometimes when we can get a certain type of pellet, it would regularly be unusable so having a good quality pellet mill is a must among farmers. For those who don't know what a pellet mill is which is a bit unusual it's simply a machine which can turn crop waste such as corn stalk or even soybean stover which are going to be talked about mainly in this article into biofuel or even be fed to animals. One of the other main issues which can be solved using the a stover pellet mill is the large accumulation of crop waste that just sits on our farms after harvesting which could‘ve been used to feed certain animals on our farm or even help make great heating fuel because they burn really well when turned into pellets.

Why Make Soybean Stover Into Biomass Pellets?

Soybean Stover is gaining a lot of attention by farmers across America and some parts of the world. Over the past few years it has been looked down on by farmers because they usually criticize it saying that the nutrient value of a typical soybean Stover pellet is pretty low comparing to other forms of Stover's such as corn and it will affect cows which are the main animals it is being fed to. Thanks to the vision and help from hard working farmers, the soybean stover pellets which are made from the stalk by use of pelletizing machine can now be used in an environmental andfriendly way. It can now be used as a good source for heating fuel especially for your greenhouses which usually takes lots energy. You are also seeing a spike in interest from persons who would normally use wood fire equipment back then now choosing pellet stoves.

Choose the Right Soybean Stover Pellet Mill

soybean stalk pellet mill

BPM 420 & 508 Pellet Mill

pelletizing stover straw stalks
Details of the Pellet Mill

Model Capacity (Ton/Hr)
Sawdust / Stalks
Power (kw) Dimension (mm) Net Weight (kg)
BPM420 1.2~1.5 / 1.5~2.0 90+1.5+2.2 2500*1100*1900(2300) 3T
BPM508 1.5~1.8 / 2.0~2.5 110+1.5+2.2kw 2800*1100*1900(2300) 3.7T

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When looking for a soybean stover pellet mill you can usually buy them on a large and small scale, the good thing is that whether you have a large scale stover pellet mill or a small scale one. They both process them the same way although you might have some that are designed and functioned differently which are patented but the majority of them works the same. To make crop straw pellets, all you need to is put the Stovers in the top of the die and as the die rotates around, a roller will press the grinded stovers which then turns to a powdered material through the holes in the die. When all of that is all done, there is a cutter on the other side of the die which cuts up the pellet into smaller pieces.The large scale pellet mill are kind of expensive but farmers buy it because they can process a large amount of stovers at a time.

Bright Future of Stover Pelletizing Projects

As we head into a more energy efficient world expect to see a skyrocket in sales growth for soybean Stover pellets especially for the use of bio fuel. It is clean, produces more heat per unit and easier to handle. The future looks brighter than it ever been for soybean stover pellet production and it is going to impact a lot of areas in various industries as well including thermal power plants and home heating. Scientist are already getting funding to do further and deeper research on stover pellets in general because it has low carbon, energy saving and environmental friendly characteristics and that's just what we need for our to fight against global warming.

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