What're the Solutions to Pelletizing Difficulty and Low Productivity?

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If your ring die pellet mill has been used for a period of time, you should check the taper hole in the inner wall of the ring die and see whether it wears out. If the roller wears out, it must be replaced. If the ring die wears out, it needs appropriate repairs. Adjust the clearance of ring die and roller correctly. If is too small, the friction will damage the die and roller. If it is too large, the roller will sliding and the production will be affected. Pay attention to the moisture content of raw materials, it can also cause sliding if the raw materials are too wet. Besides, keep an eye on the distribution of raw materials in the ring die. If the raw materials run on one side of the ring die, you should adjust the position of feeding scraper to make the raw materials distribute evenly in the ring die. By doing so, the service life of ring die can be prolonged and the pellet discharge will also become smoothly.
If it is new ring die pellet machine, you should check the compression ratio of the pellet machine and make sure it matches your processing materials. If the ring die compression ratio is too large, the resistance of pelletizing will be enlarged. The pressed pellets will be very hard and the production will be lower. If the ring die compression ratio is too small, there will be molding difficulty. Besides, pay attention to the holes in the ring die. Ensure it is smooth and round. Out-of-round and rough ring die will cause large discharge resistance, make the final pellets rugged. So it is quite important to buy a qualified pellet making machine, and get rid of these unnecessary trouble and problem. GEMCO pellet mill might be your best choice. We promise high quality, perfect service and competitive price for you!
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