What’s the Economic Benefit of Wood Pellets?

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Q: The burning time of pellet fuel is only 1/2~2/3 of coal. The dosage must be bigger. Then, what’s the economic benefit of wood pellets when compared with coal?

If the combustion time of wood pellets is half of the coal, it is true that the usage amount will be doubled at the same time. But the total quantity of heat is also doubled. It means the heat generated per unit time is doubled. Combustion efficiency is measured by the price of per unit calorific value, rather than burning time.

  • We produce a range of wood waste material - pallets, OSB panels, plywood  etc - we are now looking to turn these into pellets for wood burning stoves. We are looking at the most suitable equipment and cost to do this. -- from Britain
  • Can you inform the capacity you want? such as small scale pellet mill with capacity 200kg/h, 400kg/h and  large scale pellet mill with capacity 1ton/h, 1.5t/h, etc. then we can send the suitable model.
    For your reference, before pelletizing, the size of raw material need be less than 5*5mm and moisture need be about 14%, pls confirm whether your raw material can be pelletized directly. If not, it need match the crusher and dryer.
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