Pelletizing Machine for Rice Hulls Ordered by French Client

Recently, a set of pelletizing machine for rice hulls are manufactured. It is ordered by one of our French client. He bought these equpments for starting a mini biofuel pellets manufacturing business. View the below photos to see the main machinery included in this min husk pelletizing plant.

rice husk pelletizing machine for small scale production line
Rice Husk Hammer Mill / Crusher (left) and Pelletizing Machine (right)

rice husk crushing  machine spare parts - Screen Sieve and Grinding Hammer
Screen Sieve and Grinding Hammer (Crusher Parts)

pelletizing machine parts - flat die and press roller
Electric Cabinet (left), Die and Roller (right)

The rice husk pellets as fuel

  • Sreening Machine - During rice husk pellet production sieves / screens filter off any form of impurities in the rice husk as a protective measure in the pellet production line machinery.This also improves the pellet quality.
  • Hammer mill reduces the husk size turning it into fine powder making it ready for pellet production.
  • Rice husk pelletizing machine do the compressing of the rice husk power into the fuel pellets.
  • The rice husk pellets are packed into bags according to their specifications by the packing machine.

Rice husk pellet mill information

flat die small pelletizing mahcine for small sized production line
Flat Die Rice Husk Pellet Machine
It has a capacity of 50kg/h.

ring die pellet machine for large scale rice hulls pellets making production
Ring Die Rice Husk Pellet Machine
Its used for large scale plants with a capacity of more than 1ton/h.

Advantages of rice husk pellets

  • Environmental friendly-the burning of the husk is much more cleaner as compared to that of fossil fuel with an ash content of 15-16% when burning directly which is reduced to 7% when in pellet form.
  • Convenient-the pellets are easily stored and conveniently transported as they are compacted into small size.
  • Highly effectively-the pellets burn for longer with a combustion rate of above 95%.
  • Application-they have a wide application.They can be used in heating furnaces,boilers,pellet stoves,traditional stoves and many other heating systems.

Production of Paddy Rice

Paddy rice is stable food of a big population in the world .The production of paddy rice in the world has been increasing for the last ten years on an average rate of 16.48 million tons.The following countries i.e China,Egypt and Cuba are the major producing countries when it comes to Paddy rice.These countries produce 27.51%,0.63% and 0.77% respectively. On estimation paddy rice has the following components: Rice (72%),Bran (5-8%) and Husk(20-22%). During paddy rice production the husk is one of its major by-product which is the major concern of discussion in this article.

make fuel pellets from rice hulls or husks

Paddy rice husk properties

The husk has inner and outer glume with 2.5-5mm or 5-10mm length and a thickness of 25-30um. It presents itself with golden yellow, tawny or brownish red hue. The husk is rich in crude fibre,cellulose(40%),five carbon sugar polymers and lingnocellulose .The husk has a density of 96-160kg/m cube which is higher after crushing.The husk takes 20% of the overall weight of the paddy rice making an estimation of over 100 million tons of husk produced worldwide. The husks have a caloric value of about 14MJ/kg which is equivalent to 35% of diesel caloric value the reason why it's used as a burning material. As compared to wood rice husk is a preferable burning material.

  • I'm interested in your small pellets machine. Our biomass feeding material is comprised of : Cotton stalksaaa, Mustered stalks, Corn cobs, Suger Cane Bagasse, Wood dust, Wheat Straw. Kindly advise on following :
    The size of feeding stocks(each,item above))
    Best combination/mixing of above mentioned material to obtained optimum calorific valued pellets.
    How many dies will be available with above model - and of what DIAMETER
    The density of the pellets.
  • For our small pellet machine, all the biomass materials can make the best quality pellets , also includes the materials you mentioned .

    The size of feeding stock should be 3-5mm diameter. All the  materials you mentioned can mix together, but for more perfect pellets, we suggest make pellets separately. We can provide you the 2.5-10mm diameter die, considering your materials, 6mm and 8mm diameter die are best . The density of pellets is about 1.1-1.3 M3/kg.
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