1TPH Complete Wood Pellet Production Line in Bulgaria

Project Name: Complete Wood Pellet Line
Plant Output: make 1 ton wood pellets per hour
Factory Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Raw Material: Beech Wood
Equipment Included: wood chipper, wood crusher, drying machine, hammer mill, pellet mill, pellets cooler, bagging machine.

Photo Display of the Pellet Production Line

View the photo below to know more about this project. These photos were took during the onsite installing and commissioning. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this project!

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large wood pellet production line for processing biofuel pellets
Full View of the Wood Pellet Production Line

preprocessing equipment of industrial wood pellet production
Preprocessing Equipment

pelletizing machine fo the complete wood pellet production line
Ring Die Pellet Mill Debugging

This small scale complete pellet production line was built for one of our client in Bulgaria. Although the capacity is just 1 ton per hour, this project is designed to be of high automatic. The pellets cooler is combined with the vibrating sieve and particle materials return system.

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What Affects the Biomass Pelletizing Project Cost?

Nowadays Pellet Production line Scope is to broad, It is Depending upon many Factors to determine the cost. If you want the set up a complete pellet fuel production line, then generally the price in between 10,000 RMB to 10,000,000 RMB.

The Yield (Major Factor)

It is core & main factor in determining price. Price depends upon type of yield that means if yield size is large the it requires high efficiency & large machinery & price should be high. Price level increase as per output capacity of the yield.

raw material Requirements

Generally raw material size to be 2-6mm & moisture 10-15% or If not meet this criteria then pre-processing is needed. Raw materials prices very over different factors of requirements.

turn wood chips into fuel pellets

Production line price is high cause production line requires more equipments like:

  • For materials branches or wood waste require crushing equipment.
  • For high Moisture raw material needs drying equipment.

FAQs: What Kind of Materials can be Pelletized by Wood Pellet Mill?

Process of complete wood pellet production line

wood pellet production process for complete business plan

Process means automation degree and operation mode of production line. Here price depends upon process means:

  • For high degree of automation price is high.
  • Dust will be less For higher degree of Running mode & transport mode, price will be high.

So, The simpler the process, The Cheaper the rates. (Maybe you are also would like to know about How to Make the Best Business Plan for Complete Pellet Plant?)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

The Level of Manufacturer

In Today's market there is a craze in biomass pellet fuel industry & people starting this nascent market, trying to share a cake, so no worries cause there are too many pellet mill manufactures having variety of quality & range of Prices. If you want to do your own pellet fuel factory then you must have to choose good manufacturers because of following reason:

  • They have high technology
  • high precision
  • high stability
  • Full technical support

So The Good manufacturers have high technology, precision, stability etc so price is certainly high.

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