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make peanutshell pelletsBecause of the advantages of zero emission and renewable, biomass energy is been seen as the most promising alternative energy sources in the future. China is a large agricultural country and also the largest country in the output of agricultural waste in the world. About 650 million agricultural production wastes are produced every year in China. Urgent solution is needed to utilize these wastes becomes an emergency.




Peanut Hull / Shell Pellet Press for Sale

GEMCO supply small peanutshell pelletizer, ring die pellet press and complete pelletizing production line.

Small Pelletizer for Small Scale Pellet Production

small peanutshell pellet press for sale

Above are four flat die types of pellet presses with rotating-die (die-turned).

flat die peanut shell pelletizer

Above are two flat die pellet machine with rotating-roller (roller turned).

Ring Die Pellet Press for Medium to Large Pellet Production

peanut shell pellet press

Ring die type pellet machinery is widely applied to pellet production line.

Why Make Peanut Shell Pellets? Turn “Waste” Into Wealth!

Peanut shell is a byproduct of peanut shell processing. The shell weight is about 25% of the whole peanut. During the peanut processing, 5 million tons peanut shell will be produced per year. Only a small amount is used in manufacturing edible fungi cultivation and chemical raw materials (such as furfural, butyl, ethyl formate, etc). Most of these peanut hulls are treated as rubbish, causing the waste of biomass natural resources.

By granulating the peanut shells into pellets under high pressure and high temperature with a pellet press or pellet mill, these wastes can be turned into premium pellets fuel. This can not only alleviate the environmental burden produced by discarding and burning, but also solve the energy shortage problem.

Making Peanut Hull into Pellets Fuel

In recent years, the planting area of peanut is increasing year by year. At present, the comprehensive utilization of peanut shell has not got large attention and development. The main reason is that its bulk density is light and cannot be transported to the destination far away for processing effectively and economically. In order to reduce the transportation cost, the peanut shells must be compressed and granulated into pellets. Peanut hull pellet press is what we needed for the compressing or granulating.

small pellet line for making pellets from peanut shells

How to Start A Peanut Shell Pellet Plant?

The bulk density of peanut hull (peanut shell) pellets is quadruple of raw peanut hull. The pelletize processing does not destroy the component of the peanut hull, but improve the content of soluble dietary fiber. When the air humidity is 60%~80%, the peanut hull pellets will absorb moisture. When the humidity is around 50%, the pellets will loss moisture. When the moisture content of the peanut hull pellets are over 13.7%, they are difficult to preserve.

How Moisture Content & Additives Effect Peanut Hull Pelleting Quality?

GEMCO does a great deal of experimental research to find how the water content and pelletizing additives (palmitin and anthracite) influent the quality of peanut hull pellets (including heat value, ash content, density and appearance). Below is three raw material composition of our pelletizing experiments.

No. Water Content Palmitin Content Anthracite Content
1 11% 5% 1%
2 13% 7% 3%
3 15% 9% 5%

Through these experiments, we come up with an optimal raw material proportion for making peanut hull pellets fuel.

  • Peanut Hull / Shell: 79%
  • Water Content: 11%
  • Palmitin: 5%
  • Anthracite: 5%

For the premium pellet fuel, the heat value is higher than 17.5MJ/kg; the anti-crush rate is large than 98%; the density is larger than 650kg/m.


What Ohter Kinds of Biomass Materials Can Be Processed By GEMCO Pellet Press?

making biomass pellets

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  • I am interested in the 120B 0r 150B electric models as long as they run on single phase electricity.
    Give me price quote delivery DSM in Tanzania.  Can they also run on solar power and if so what are the technical requirements?
  • We would like to hear that you are interested in our flat die pellet press. If you want assemble signle phase, you only referrence our ZLSP120B D-type pellet mill. It can assemble 220V, 50Hz and single phase motor engine. Detail information and price were send to your email as attachment.
    ZLSP120 D-type pellet press is so small model pellet making machine, it only pressing materials that is not very hard, such as grains, peanut hulls, oil cake, grass powder and so on. Please advise which type is your raw material?
    The ZLSP120 D-type press extruder can assemble motor engine or diesel engine or gasoline engine. It couldn't assemble solar power. Please advise where is your destination port ? In order to we provide our best CIF price to you later.

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