Make Pellets from Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

make efb pelletsPalm empty fruit bunch is an important kind of raw material in the biomass pellet production particularly in the Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The mentioned Asian countries are said to have gathered the greatest number of palm trees in the world lending to a huge influx of investors in the region. As a matter of fact, the crude palm oil production is beyond 48 million metric tons per yearly. On the same note, billions of palm biomass residues such as palm empty fruit bunch (EFBs), palm kernel shells and palm frond or leaves gets processed. This clearly shows that there is plenty of palm empty fruit bunches for biomass pellet production.

  Oil palm harvested area Fresh fruit bunches Empty fruit bunches estimated amount
*1.000 ha % in Asia *1.000 tonnes % in Asia *1.000 tonnes
Malaysia 3620 47.6 75650 51.8 5296
Indonesia 3600 47.4 64255 44 4498
Thailand 315 4.1 5250 3.6 368
China 47 0.6 675 0.5 47
Philippines 17 0.2 233 0.2 16
Asia Total 7599(60.3% of world total) 100 146063( 84.2% of world total) 100 10224( 84.2% of world total)

How to Pellets Are Made From Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

Making pellets from empty fruit bunch by setting up a palm biomass pellet plant . Actually, the EFB pellets are the same as other related biomasses which involves drying, crushing, pelletizing cooling and finally packaging. How to build an automatic pellet mill?

EFB Fiber Drying and Crushing

efb crushing and drying station

Drying and crushing the EFB pellets is a bit different from the other biomasses due to its nature. Unfortunately, inexperienced manufacturers fail to identify the required equipment for crushing and drying the EFB fiber. Only, companies that have already made EFB pellet are able to provide the best equipment for the purpose.

EFP Pellets Making

palm fiber pellet machine

After crushing EFB pellet fiber you are left with EFB powder which contains proper moisture is then fed into the pellet mill and pressed to form EFP pellets with high density.

EFP Pellets Cooling and Packaging

palm pellets cooling and bagging system

The EFB pellets coming from the pellet mill are hot and they must undergo the processes of cooling first. The cooled pellets are later packaged in bags of different sizes depending on the market needs.

Highlights of Palm Pellets made from Empty Fruit Bunches

pellets of palm empty fruit bunches

  • They have very high heating efficiency;
  • Palm pellets combust very efficient in the boilers leaving a very small fraction of waste which is about 5%. This kind of energy product can work very well in areas where tremendous amounts of energy are a necessity.
  • They have low moisture content: The moisture content of EFB pellets is about 8-12% which is less than its counterpart shredded EFB fiber which has a moisture content of between 50-60%. The low moisture content can help at greater lengths to cut the cost of transportation and also increases the combustion ratio.
  • They have wide applications: Apparently, EFB pellets can be used for different purpose some of their different use include house cooking and heating, as industrial boilers and power plants to replace coal.
  • EFP pellets are free from smoke and harmful gases: The world has joined hands to fight global worming which is as a result of smoke and industrial emissions. With the use of EFB pellets, the world is made a safe haven for our future generations. This is the way forward if we are want to change the devastating effects of global warming.
  • They are easy to handle and store: EFB pellets have compact volume which makes it easier to handle and store them. Due to their compact nature, storage space is highly saved.

Turn Palm Wastes into Treasures

biomass pellets made from palm wastes
Contact us to get more details of equipments for palm kernel pellet mill and palm frond pellets producing.

There are other kinds of wastes in palm oil production suitable for biomass pellet production such as palm kernel shell and palm frond. We can also supply pellet mills for making palm kernel pellets and palm frond pellets. Besides, for large industrial scale pellet production, we will customized the best pelletizing solution depending on your specific needs and situation. Feel free to contact us through the below inquiry from for detailed information about our pellet mill machinery.

  • Kindly please make a proposal for pellet.
    This pellet proposal for palm kernel cake after 2nd pressing of expeller machine
    Palm kernel cake : 70MT/day
    Oil content in cake : 9%
    Moisture in cake : 7-10%
    Prefer operation hours : 12 hours
  •  We had confirmed with our technician. When we have business trip in Malaysia. We saw some factory already processing palm oil cake. We finish a equipent list and flow chart for you reference. And to make sure that our design is suit for your request. Pls sent some Palm cake pictures for us to have a directly idea on how to process it.

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