Hom Much It Cost to Buy a Homemade Wood Pellet Machine?

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In recent times, the cost of fossil fuels has continued to increase. As a result, the environment has suffered, and the need to switch from traditional fuels to green fuels is more urgent than ever. Biomass fuel is one of the most commonly used green fuels. Therefore, increasing the production of biomass pellets can help to provide more affordable sources of fuel and increase job opportunities. The most important advantage is that it helps to ease the pressure on the environment due to lower carbon emissions. (Related post: Biomass Pellets Manufacturing Process >>)

make your own wood pellets at home

As a result of these advantages, more people have become interested in making pellets for domestic and industrial uses. With this comes the most important question: How much it would cost to buy a portable pellet mill for home made pellet making? How to and where to purchase a high quality home pellet mill at favorable price? 

Checklist on Buying a Homemade Wood Pellet Mill

An increase in the demand for biomass pellet making machines has led to an increase in suppliers. In order to make the right choice on buying a suitable homemade wood pellet maker, there are four factors that must be considered. 

factory price homemade wood pellet mill for sales
Wood Pellet Machine for Homemade Pellet Production

  • Quality

This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a biomass pellet making supplier. The homemade wood pellet machine you choose must meet the required standards for producing high quality pellets.

  • Cost

Pricing will most likely determine the machine that you eventually settle on. You should ensure that you get the best machine available within your budget. Before you set your budget, compare the prices of the pellet mills that have all the requirements that you need. Consider their capacity, size, lifespan, application, and power condition and choose the best of them. 

  • Mode of Operation

The way in which the pellet making machine is operated will also determine if it is the perfect choice. It is better to choose a machine that can be easily operated. A complicated machine means additional costs for training staff, higher maintenance costs, and an increased risk of injuries during operation. (Related post: How Does A Pellet Mill Work?)

  • Spare Parts Availability and Ease of After-sales Service

​No matter the quality of the machine, it will eventually require repairs. It is important to choose wood pellet machine for homemade pellet production on which you can easily access after-sales services and spare parts with a phone call or an email message.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Small Homemade Wood Pellet Mill for Sales

Generally, there are many types and models of wood pellet machine for homemade pellet production. But almost all types of wood pellet machine for home use are in small scale or portable size. And most are powered by electrical, diesel, gasoline and PTO.

homemade wood pellet maker for sale
4 Types of Homemade Wood Pellet Machine for Sales

For industrial or commercial uses, large pellet mill (ring die) would be more suitable. 

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Working Video: How to Make Wood Pellets at Home?

inquire about the price and cost

How to Choose Right Pellet Mill Machine Supplier?

There are different brands that manufacture biomass pellet making machines. Some of them are based in America, while others are in Europe and China as well. However, it would be wrong if you chose a supplier based on their location alone. In order for you to have an idea of where you can purchase from, we will briefly check out some of the most popular brands.

  • Andritz Pellet Mill: This is an international brand with headquarters in Graz, Australia. They supply feed and biomass pellet mills all over the world. Their pellet mills are best used for large scale production as they provide high quality pellets and efficient energy consumption.
  • California Pellet Mill (CPM): CPM was founded in 1931 when they produced their first flat die pellet mill. Since then, they have gone on to become one of the leading suppliers, with their products being used all over the world. Their pellet mills are quite expensive, although they are perfect for large-scale production.
  • GEMCO Pellet Mill: Established in the 1990s, GEMCO has gone on to become one of the best pellet mill manufacturers in the world. They also provide services to mills of small and medium capacities. The capacity of the pellet mills is flexible depending on choice. Its biomass pellet mill has been exported to Canada, UK, Portugal, Germany, Frances, etc. 
  • ABC Machinery: Their machines are supplied around the world. They are based in China. Over the years, they have supplied different equipment to several continents around the world. The mills are very efficient and have a long lifespan. Their mills have a wide range of production capacity for small, medium, and large-scale mills.

Before you buy a homemade pelletizer machine, ensure that you do the necessary research. Check their websites and ask those who are using these brands. Having this information will help you make the right choice.

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