3~5 Ton per Hour Feed Pellet Mill Equipment Exported to Mali

A set of the important animal feed pellet mill equipment has just been exported to Mali lately. This plant is of a medium scale feed processing line. This complete plant has a capacity of just 3-5 tons per hour, and is designed just to make feed pellets for cattle animals and poultry. He used Google to find the website of our firm. He is thinking about purchasing machines that can churn out 25t of just feed per day. That is 15t per day for cattle and 10t a day for poultry.

animal feed mill equipment for 3 ton per hour production line
Feed Pellet Mill Equipment for 3 ton ~ 5 ton per hour Complete Plant

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Key Processing Equipment of the Feed Pellet Mill Plant

  • Crusher (2 units)
  • Pellet mill of animal feet (1 unit)
  • Mixer (1 unit)
  • Elevator (2 units)
  • Screw conveyor (1 unit)
  • Pellets Cooler (1 unit)
  • Draught fan, cyclone dust collector, air lock, electric wire, electronic control device, and so on.

To ensure the high quality of the items, the equipment that comes with the feed processing plant will be inspected from top to bottom before delivery. If you want to see some details about the loading and goods inspection process, take a look at the photos above.

commercial scale feed pellet equipment loading in container
Feed Pellet Equipments in Container

feed pellet mill equipment for manufacturing food for poultry and cattle
Ring Die type Poultry and Cattle Feed Pellet Equipment

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animal feed crushing machine for the feed pellet plant
Crushing Machinery and Pellets Cooler in Container

cyclone dust collector and feed mixer for ooultry and cattle feed processing line
Loading of Cyclone Dust Collector and Feed Mixer

If you want to know more about full scale poultry, call us right now so you can get what you want. We can give you tons of information regarding cattle feed machinery and manufacturing process.

The feed pellets will just be made of these ingredients: wheat flour, feed meal flax, barley, corn, wheat bran, salt, powdered bones, powdered fish, lentils straw, rice straw, beet pulp, bread, vitamin mixes, and alfanfa.

We are very proud about the things we do because we deliver an outstanding service. Our turnkey solutions of the important feed production is just great, and we just love it. We can do everything from project management to design. Studying every single detail of the pelleting solution is what we do, and we can do it very quickly.

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