How to Maximize Pelletizing Productivity by Wood Pellet Making Machine Manufacturers

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GEMCO is now one TOP pellet machine manufacturers in China. Our pellet making machine is not only of premium quality and cheap price. And, we have gained rich experiences in biomass pellets manufacturing process. If you have any questions and confusion about wood pellet production, just contact us directly, we have professional engineers who can help with you!

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As a leading wood pellet making machine supplier, we have small pellet mill and large pellet mill. Both can process a very wide of raw materials, including wood sawdust, palm fiber, grass, pineaaple, rice bran, paper, spruce, sugarcane bagasse, etc. (Read more: Rice Straw Pellet Making Machine >>)

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Wood Pellet Making Machine Manufacturer - GEMCO

Theres an energy crisis around the world, like in USA, UK, Germany, France, and it has nothing to do with fossil fuels. Therefore, the biomass fuels have been a great choice recently. Choosing a suitable wood pellet making machine, you can make pellets for fuel at home or start your own business in biomass energy industry, which would be bright in the future. We have set up many large scale wood pellet mill plant in many areas, like Portugal, Italy, Ghana, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Welcome to contact us to get the detailed wood pellet mill plant project report and cost.


How to Maximize the Capacity of Wood Pellet Making Machine?

  • Strictly Control the Raw Material

First, prohibit high-quality materials from entering, and prohibit non-pulverized materials from entering wood pelletizing workshop during pellet production process.

Secondly, to control the composition of the particle size of the material, prohibit the entry of large particles of the material, the screening of particles should be done in advance.

Third, control the moisture content of the material, the material with higher moisture content need insolation, drying and other processing so as to avoid material sticking to the wall of machines.

  • Improve Roller Shape

The improvement of rolling form of wood pellet making machine rollers can increase the intensity of pressure head, reduce invalid wear, reduce the intensity of pressure head and improve the forming quality. These measures can make the materials in pelletizing workshop easy to form efficient head area and single mode of the intensity of pressure head is bigger, which are advantageous to the material laminated molding. In the end, the pellets production yield can greatly improved.

  • Reasonable Operation Parameters

The working parameters of wood pellet making machine directly affect the movement characteristics of the material, and then affect the production efficiency of the equipment, so during pellet production process, we must ensure the rationality of the working parameters of wood pellet making machines. In order to improve the production efficiency of wood pellet manufacturing equipment, the press wheel and mold of the debris particle machine are usually improved, and better working parameters are configured according to the improved press wheel and mold, so that the production efficiency of the wood pellet making machine is higher, so that the mold and material match better.

  • Improve the Transmission Efficiency of Equipment

Transmission efficiency directly affects the production efficiency of wood pellet machine, in the case of low transmission efficiency, reduce the actual use of power equipment. By improving the efficiency of the drive system, the design of the wood sawdust pellet making machinedrive system can increase the actual use of sawdust particle machine power, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

  • Working Standard of Workers

The workers only can master the operation essentials of wood pellet press by fully understanding it. Then, they can better control the wood pellet making machine and increase the pellet production efficiency. 

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