2TPH Animal Feed Production Line in Uganda

animal feed productionProject Name: Animal Feed Production Line
Plant Location: Uganda
Production Output: Manufacturing 1~2 ton feed pellets per hour.
Feed Formula: Soybean, soybean oil, soybean cake, sunflower cake, maize, wheat bran, fish meal and bone meal, premix.

This animal feed production line is designed for making chicken feed pellets, located in Uganda. The basic info of the project is listed above.

Photos Display of the Small Animal Feed Processing Factory

Here are some photos of the small scale animal feed processing factory. For detailed project report and cost, please feel free to contact us! (info@pelletmillsolution.com)

animal feed production line low cost business plan
Grain Preprocessing Equipment Outside the Feed Mill

small scale animal feed production line for making chicken feed pellets
Factory Inside - Equipment Layout Overview

animal feed production project manager and our clients
Our Clients and Project Manager

animal feed production equipment included in the feed mill plant
Pellet Mill and Pellets Cooler Details

top floor of the feed production plant
Top Floor of the Feed Production Plant

feed production machine commissioning and debugging
Equipment Debugging

animal feed production machinery commissioning
Equipment Commissioning

produced animal feed pellets
Produced Animal Feed Pellets

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Poultry farmers are constantly concerned about how they are going to get high quality and digestive feed all the time. However, careful management of the poultry feed industries can help them to save on costs and fully optimize on the benefits of the feed. That is why GEMCO, a professinal pellet machine manufacturer and supplier has developed completely unique chicken feed production line for making high quality feed pellets which is hygienic, easily digestible and nutritionally balanced. (Related News: 3~5 T/H Feed Pellet Mill Equipment Exported to Mali)

The Difference Between Feed Pellets, Traditional Fodder and Mash Feed

Animal feed Pellets are more clear, more healthier, easy to transport and provide condensed nutritional benefits to livestock when compared with traditional fodder or feed mash. With all these benefits, feed pellet production is gaining more popularity and that's why GEMCO is here to help you make lustrous and durable feed pellets.

feed crumbles and feed pellets
Feed Crumbles and Feed Pellets

  • High efficiency & low consumption automatic control.
  • Pellet diameter ranging from 1.5-8 mm
  • Global sales and services for technical guidance & overseas installation services.

Animal Feed Pellet Production Process

To start a complete animal feed pellets making business, you need:

animal feed production process for starting your own feed pellets making factory

  • Raw materials such as fish meal, soybean meal, soybeans, corn, alfalfa, fuse meal, whey powder, amino acids, bone meals etc.
  • For the grinding process, use the hammer mill to grind the raw materials into suitable size which is good for optimum pelletizing effect.
  • Adopt a mixer for the mixing process. Various feed-ingredients are sufficiently blended here to ensure that every component of the feed pellet has balanced nutriments.
  • The main equipment in the feed production line is the Ring-Die feed pellet mill which is used for the medium to large scale pelletizing process. Ring-Die feed pellet mill is more efficient & suitable for production of high quality chicken feed in factories and large farms, while flat-die feed mill is mostly applied to mini scale or small scale production. (Related Product: Small Scale Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Plant for Sale (600~1000kg/h))

After completing all the above mentioned processes, you will be able to get a highly digestible, nutritious and palatable animal feed.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Tips for Manufacturing Animal Feed Pellets

poultry animalsChicken feed usually contains very high amounts of grains which means that they have high fiber concentration. To get the most out of them:

  • Heat the feed on direct & indirect steam heat and moisturize to soften highly elastic mash.
  • Use gelatinized the starch in order to perfectly bind the pellets. At GEMCO, we have a wide range of animal feed pellets processing machines, and can also offer the best advanced technical support.

We also customize the different capacity feed pellets production line to ensure that our clients get the best project plan and benefits.

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