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In recent years, with the popularity of pelleted biomass fuel, wood pellet manufacturing is becoming a hot project item to invest in. How to choose the most suitable wood pellet making equipment for your farm or business? How to better operate the equipment to make high quality pellets from various biomass (biomass energy classification) and wood wastes such as logs, tree branches, wood chips, wood shavings and sawdust etc?

Let’s talk about these questions in this article!

Wood Pellet Making Process Design

First of all, let’s have a look at the basic process of making wood pellets. The main steps involved in the manufacturing process of wood pellets are: crushing, screening, drying, pellets making, pellets cooling, pellets bagging / packaging. Now, let's take a closer look at each step of the pellet making process. (Related Project: 1 ton/h Wood Pellet Production Line Set Up in Bulgaria)

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Wood Pellet Making Equiment Unit for Sale at Factory Price

  • Wood Crushing / Grinding: If your raw materials are in large size, such as log, tree branches or large wood block from wood processing mill. The crushing process might include log splitting machine, wood chipping equipment and hammer mill to process the raw materials into 2-5mm particles. If you biomass or wood materials are in small size, such as wood chips, wood shavings or small wood blocks, you only need to buy wood crushing machine along with the wood pellet making equipment.
  • Screening: In most cases, the raw materials for making wood pellets are collect from wood working factory or furniture manufacturing factory. These wood residues will probable include hard impurities such as metal scraps or stones. It is necessary to remove these impurities by using of screening machine before pelletizing process so as to prevent damage to the wood pellet machine. If your sawdust is very clear with no hard impurities, the screening process can be removed from your wood pellet making project plan. (Related Post: How to make pellets from sawdust?)
  • Drying: Raw wood materials generally have high moisture content, especially fresh wood of which the moisture can be up to 20%. So dryer machine is needed to reduce the water content to about 10%-14% for better pelletizing result.
  • Wood Pellets Making: The sawdust is then fed into wood pellet making equipment to be made into uniform pellets. There are three main kind of wood pellet machine: flat die type small wood pellet mill for home users and famers, and ring die wood pellet mill for commercial wood pellet manufacturing business.
  • Cooling of Final Wood Pellets: If you just want to make small scale biomass pellets for home heating or cooking, you can choose to cool the pellets in the open air without purchasing a cooling equipment. For industrial scale complete pellet production line, cooling equipment is needed.
  • Wood Pellets Bagging: The produced wood pellets can be used, stored or sold in bulk directly. You can also buy bagging or packaging equipment to fill the pellets in bags.

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Wood Pellet Making Equipment Operation Tips

Although wood pellet making machine are relatively easy to use, there are various challenges that may arise during operation. It is important to have the necessary set of skills required for wood pellet equipment operation. This will not only help you avoid and resolve problems that arise, but also makes operation less daunting. Here are a few things to consider: 

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Main Types of GEMCO Wood Pelle Making Equipment for Sale

How to use wood pellet making equipment to produce high quality pellets?

  • Raw Material Feeding

Feeding is very important and should be done correctly to generate the desired outcome. For medium or large scale pellet production, you can always buy a separate feeder together with your wood pellet making equipment. These are much easier to use as they self-regulate the feed volume.

  • Mold Aperture of Pellet Die

Wood pellet processing equipment come with varying mold apertures to meet different requirements. It is recommendable to choose machines with bigger apertures unless you want very low yield. Small apertures can also result in feed blockage and complications.

  • Pressing Gap

Before you start loading your raw materials into the pellet equipment, adjust the pressing gap (space between the pellet die and press rollers). This will give you the best quality wood pellets.

  • Cleaning

It is very important to clean your pellet mill equipment after every use. If you do not take good care of the equipment, debris and feed residue will build up and lower its efficiency and longevity. You should also take some time to inspect the components and ensure they are in good condition before you start making wood pellets. Cleaning also prevents infestation and germ build up.

  • Lubricating and Maintenance

As mechanical parts with joints and rotating shafts, your pellet making equipment requires lubrication and maintenance. You should regularly apply lubrication oil and butter to ensure your machine runs smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance checks will also help you identify areas that need adjustment or repair sooner rather than later. Use the lubrication oil before and after pelletizing process to remove away any mold.

  • General Precautions

There are various basic instructions involved in operating pellet machines. When the machine gets stuck, you should immediately turn it off, find out the cause and resolve it before restarting. Regularly look out for worn out parts that should be replaced and vulnerabilities that may result in breakdowns. Set up the machine correctly before you start pressing and only use allowed materials.

Summary of Wood Pellets Making Production

There are several other minor skills and observations important for safe operation of wood pellet making equipment. These instructions will not only help you accomplish the wood pelleting task more efficiently, but also increase the service life of the equipment. It is generally advisable to read through the whole instruction manual that comes with the wood pellet manufacturing equipment so you can understand how it works. This can help you detect when something is not right.

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